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Hip-pop's star child loves Drake and does not like it either. The image of his mother's lamb draws a stylish and untouchable image. And he does what he can and does to make himself talk. Hotline with dancing in the music video Bling breast was and had actually solved the chemistry of the business. Drake, one of the most prestigious and most sought-after phenomena in Instagram, has managed to stay on the agenda with the contribution of popular culture, not music, in the last few years. The productions, such as the Views album, More Life mixtape , and What a Time To Be Alive album, along with Future, were making a huge contribution to their career musically apart from a few hits. But the artist continued to rise.
On July 29, 2018, Drake's 5th studio album Scorpion was released. There were a total of 25 tracks and 90 minutes of albums. Spoken with God's Plan and New Orleans tunes, Nice for What was once again in Scorpion. But the previously unrewarded In My Feelings title track has been on the Billboard Hot 100 list for three weeks. The reason for this effect is a dance challenge (challenge).

Thousands of dollars won with the support of a phenomenon

I would like to focus on Drake's scorpion marketing strategy on a couple of points. The first album consists of two long songs. If you turn this 90-minute album on or off the road, you're generating valuable data on streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. When you do not really care what you listen to, you're listening to Drake. Thus, Drake, streaming) services. The common sense among the critics that he received from the album is that they do not blow too much, they are repeating parts. Of course, if you listen to the 25 tracks from the beginning, you will not only make money, but you also get to the Billboard lists, Genius's most readable lyrics lists. Summarize an album strategy that is above your quality. And at the end of the week following July 29th, the fact that all the official playlists on Spotify were given to Drake was also a big hit.
In this way, the feeling of being structured as a commercial process rather than a musical work is settling into a person. Now let's return to the inevitable rise of In My Feelings; Shiggy is a phenomenon with 1.8 million followers in Instagram. A name that has become an influencer by arranging dance videos and comic sketches. Scorpion listens to this song on the day of the scorpion, and because of the recurrence, he takes a dancing video that he does not hear with words that are spoken to the language and uploads it to Instagram. And so #DoTheShiggy or #InMyFeelings is a challenge.
Dance is still known in the mini-viral stage, as far as Shiggy can reach, and it is slowly spreading. But on July 4th, the American Football player Odell Beckham Jr responds to this challenge with 11.2 million followers in Instagram. And after that point, "Kiki do you love me?" Spreads everywhere.
After this point, the celebrities are also participating and things keep growing. Everyone in Instagram and YouTube is doing their own reproduction, everyone is trying to get some interaction from this fame. And at the same time, Drake's piece continues to steal, record breaking through streaming services and generate revenue.

Only $ 430,000 with In My Feelings

In My Feelings and Drake have been at the top of the list for 3 weeks, before it was Nice For What. The popularity of this business continues to rise with #DoTheShiggy or #InMyFeelings challenge . Drake has no intention of stopping. In My Feelings, who listened digitally 60.8 million times, generated a total of $ 430,551. Achieving such a win with a single piece and dance challenge  is a serious commercial success.
In My Feelings, it does not seem easy to jump in the car and dance in the car. At least Drake seems to have done everything to become the most popular name of the summer. So much so that he has also released music videos for In My Feelings. Shiggy de Videoda is on the way to the New Orleans scene. However, the music videos are 8 minutes long and taste a short movie. We hear the same lines over and over again until the track begins, and we try to adapt to the story.
I also feel that if the video is 8 minutes out of YouTube ads, it could be an extra winner by entering the 7+ minutes segment and showing extra ads. It is also possible that a name that has put everything in the digital world and keeps its reputation fresh by adopting different cultures (like Jamaica, Toronto, New Orleans).
In My Feelings, the police organization is trying to prevent people from acting so thoughtlessly because the dance movement is evolving from a car to dancing and jumping. In the majority of captured videos, the person in the driver's seat descends from the car and leaves the steering wheel empty. It does not even have to explain how dangerous the consequences may be. On the other hand, there is also danger as a pedestrian when it is taken on the road.
In My Feelings dance videos are failing when the police leave one side. Falling out of the car, due to inertia, falling, strikers, donkey joke actors who say that these failures create a completely different world. The following videos may contain annoying images because they are a collection of failed experiments.

Viral or coincidence?

In My Feelings, the album became the only star to break out of hits like God's Plan, Survival, Nice For What, Do not Matter To Me. And the fact that the piece opens directly through the chorus of "Kiki do you love me?" And continues a few more times supports the feeling that this piece is created for it. There are subtle touches such as not waiting for a dance challenge in order to perform a dance challenge  , opening the part to open the video. Drake, on the other hand, spoke to Shiggy for $ 250,000 for support and contribution, but afterwards Shiggy said that no such payment was made. This debate and controversy also creates the agenda and continues to talk about the fragment.
It is obvious that the piece of dance is also made for such a commercial success. However, everything may have happened by chance. But is it left to chance in a market where millions are spoken? It's a bit controversial. What do you think? Is this a viral marketing job that Drake and his team are planning?
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