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In a statement to the Canadian press, Biochemistry Specialist Stephen Withers, a science delegate from the study, explained that they found a way to convert different blood types to the O Rh (-) blood group, which is considered a general donor.
Withers said that what separates the four blood types in humans is the tiny sugar molecules on the surface of red blood cells and that although the blood groups A, B and AB have different sugar molecules recognized by the immune system, they do not have these sugar molecules So he recalled that the Rh (-) blood group is compatible with all receivers.
Withers stated that the solution of aligning blood of groups A, B and AB with other blood, such as the O Rh (-) blood group, is to find a molecular shear that can effectively disrupt sugar molecules.
Researchers have been working on this scissors since the early 1980s, indicating that success has been achieved up to a certain point, and they say they find it in bacteria in the human gut, the source they are looking for.
"With that in mind, the human gut microbiology seemed to be a good place to find what we were looking for," Withers said, explaining that intestinal walls are covered with sugar structures called mucins, which have the same sugar molecules found in different red blood cells. said.
20 thousand samples of DNA outside human
To this end, Withers noted that they extracted 20,000 different DNA samples from intestinal bacteria from human donors and discovered a new class of enzymes that are good at breaking up sugars.
Withers said that it is an enzyme that can be cleaved 30 times faster than it was obtained in previous investigations, indicating that this high level of efficiency will mean less enzymes in the blood transfection process, which means lower production costs, but more importantly, filtration.
Withers added that the new blood transfusion technique may take some time to pass, and that transformed blood may require extensive safety testing before it is approved for use in transfusions.
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