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In addition to the amazing innovations that make human life easier, the technology world can introduce us to even more threatening products every day. Modern life of the 21st century is governed by advanced programs of electronic devices, from the most remote villages to the most secluded cities as a result of the digital and technological revolution. The simplest and basic devices we use are either manufactured or produced by large electronic and software features. One of the main laws of the world of technology and explorations at the time when analysts called the age of computers, is that there is an anti-matter of everything. In this article, we will talk about a device that was developed in the near future and that has a lot of technological productive nightmare from computers to smart phones.
What is a USB killer? Before responding to this question, it is useful to highlight one of the points where intelligent devices are most sensitive. This point is that most devices are extremely sensitive to high electrical currents. The name given to the USB Killer is a device with a flash memory connection that connects to USB ports, which is the abbreviation of the English "Universal Serial Bus" definition of modern electronic devices that meet the universal done and charge input. This device with removable flash memory has electric storage capacitors which are mostly used in shock device, electric fly killer or magnet flash instead of done storage parts. Located inside the USB Killer, this battery pack charges within 5 seconds from the device it is plugged into. The device that is charged with the electricity it receives from the device it connects within the seconds, gives the electricity to the device as 240 V. As long as the USB Killer is plugged into the device, this operation can not be used by burning all the sensitive mechanisms of the device. Moreover, this device which does all these things does not require batteries, so it can be used at any time like sharpened knife sharpened. USB Killer tablet, smartphone, desktop computers, lap-tops, intelligent phones and USB ports. The world of digital devices has met with many threats from viruses to software bombs, as well as destructive devices made with simple logic like USB Killer. USB Killer name given to stallions was first developed by Russian and Hong Kong software and security experts. The first in the Internet world, by a computer researcher known for his Dark Purplewas introduced in March 2015 and the dragon was introduced. USB Killer is a CE and FCC Certified test device designed to test the high-voltage protection circuits of smart-enabled electronic devices and the high-voltage limits of the device, although seemingly designed for all aggressive purposes in terms of destructive consequences. The USB Killer has already brought the simple logic of the apparatus to be produced by many anonymous computer and electronic enthusiasts albeit after this reasonably marketed. Dark Purple does not explain the technical details of the USB Killer apparatus tests made in 95 percent of the USB input devices were completely unusable. The spread and recognition of the device in such a short time has led to concerns for electronic device designers and security experts in question. For aircraft, power plants, and sensitive military equipment, many experts have been mobilized as a result of such a danger.
With the software measures taken against USB Killer devices, the risk that the device will cause can be eliminated. However, it is stated that this will bring extra production costs for devices such as computers, smart phones, televisions. It is stated that the production of a simple USB Killer is worth 3 dolls while the threats of USB Killer devices can cost thousands of dolls. Dark Purple announces from social media that the famous computer researcher has developed a second version of 'USB Killer 2.0' with the support it received from the device so popular and effective, and shared the first test video of this version. It was claimed that it sent faster and more electric shocks than the first version of the second version, thus ensuring that the targeted devices were definitely destroyed. Dark Purple also drove it to the market by developing a test apparition to eliminate possible risks to the USB Killer. The USB Test Shield (USB Test Shield) is capable of testing the resistance of these devices to high voltage. USB Killer devices, which are very popular in a short period of time, can also be bought online with the option of PayPal credit card with a price tag of $ 56. The same device is offered for sale at a price of $ 16. Paypal credit card option can be purchased on the internet with a price tag of $ 56. The same device is offered for sale at a price of $ 16. Paypal credit card option can be purchased on the internet with a price tag of $ 56. The same device is offered for sale at a price of $ 16.

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