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Lemon is especially preferred to enhance flavor, especially in soups, meals, salads, cakes and pastries. Body resistance affects positively. Vitamin C is quite rich in terms. Frequent consumption is recommended by specialists to protect against infectious diseases. There are some tricky points for storing the lemon in the freezer, which is available in all meals. Lemons can be stored in the freezer in three ways.

When lemon is stored in the freezer, it is washed first with circulating water. The washed lemons are squeezed with fruit juice. The lemon juice obtained is poured into ice bags specially made for ice. The point to note here is that the ice sachet is not a hole. The bags must be checked beforehand. Lemon juice should be put in ice sachets and the air should be taken before it is pressed too much. Bags can be tied tightly and put in the freezer. Care must be taken to avoid overfilling. Otherwise, lemon water can flow from the bag in the freezer. Frozen lemon juice may not fit the pouch because it will gain volume. Lemon pieces overflowing from the bag are caused by unwanted images in the freezer. Spit on all the frozen food. For this reason, care should be taken when filling the bag with lemon juice. Risk of overflow should be considered.

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