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Researchers at Cambridge University and employees of the '' Molecular Biology Medical Research Council Laboratories '' announced that they had a new planet from 2015.
It is estimated that life on this planet called Kepler 452b, which is at the stage where the resulting ultraviolet light level is initiating chemical reactions that could lead to premature life, is estimated.
The planet is neither hot nor cold. The planet is also called the "Super World" because it is a little bigger and heavier than Earth.
It is believed that Kepler 452b is the planet with the most suitable conditions for life to begin among the nearly 50 planets that are thought to be life in the discoveries so far.
Cygnus, the star of the Kepler 452b system, is 20 percent brighter than the Sun and two billion years older.
Because of its similarity to Kepler 452b, it is also called 'Cousin of the World'.
According to computer simulation, this planet has a subtle atmosphere, water and active volcanoes.
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