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Diamonds are a kind of hard, clear pure carbon called crystal. They occur under extreme temperature and pressure. The results of the research show that blue diamonds rarely crystallized together with water-bearing minerals, long before they were part of the seafloor. However, these minerals did not emerge until now as they were pushed deeper during the movement of large tectonic plates that shaped the Earth's surface.

Scientists already knew that they took the blue colors of these diamonds from the boron element. Unknown was exactly where they came from. Scientists have found that blue diamonds are at least 660 kilometers below the earth in what is called the lower mantle. The study says that the river was abundant in ocean water for some time, but after a while it was pushed to the seabed. For millions of years, the blue diamonds did not come out in the sun because boron continued to advance into the underground.
About 99 percent of all diamonds are underground, 150 to 200 kilometers apart. Blue diamonds are more than three times as deep.
Steven Shirey, the geochemist at the Carnegie Science Institute, said, "These diamonds are among the most inferior to the present" for blue diamonds.
In 2016, 42 blue diamonds sold for 25 million dollars.
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