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We are pursuing what we believe will make us happy to be very happy. However, instead of running behind him like a hunter to be happy, it can be enough to "let go" someplace where we are on the contrary. What are the things we need to leave us free to be happy?

1. Stop checking everything

The only thing we can control in this life is our behavior and our reactions. Once you realize this, you can free yourself by understanding how tiring and weary your endeavor to control others and your life is.

2. Leave everyone happy

Every time we act like someone who gives too much or too much to satisfy others, we go so far away from our self. Dare to be yourself to catch real happiness and do not care what others think.

3. Stop asking "Why me?"

When good things come, we often have to remind you that "good" or "bad" things can happen to everyone in life instead of asking "why me?" When bad things happen.

4. Leaving the hurt and resentment

When our hearts are broken, or when we are attacked and forced into a behavior without our knowledge, we only bear our own sadness, and we are injured. Especially for years to forgive the bad feelings you carry, it is essential to feel happy and light.

5. Stop feeling guilty

When we make a mistake, blaming ourselves for a long time for it, continuing to get mad at ourselves is no use other than nourishing the negative feelings within. At such times, focus on how each person can make mistakes and how to make up for these mistakes, and leave yourself feeling guilty to feel much happier.

6. Stop trying to be perfect

We are all good with both our good and our flaws. Pressure on ourselves to make it perfect will have no other effect than stopping and withdrawing us on the path we can not go ahead. Embrace your flaws and step away from trying to be perfect.

Bonus: You can watch the following video to learn about the other behaviors you need to let your life live happily.

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