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It is a fact that cloud computing has become an integral part of modern business world. Now, small to large, every business, private or public organization is benefiting from cloud-based systems. However, businesses that require high-level security for the IT infrastructure are often satisfied with the platform when it comes to cloud services. Forcepoint Turkey Country Manager Levent Turan, while stating that it should not be neglected topic of cloud security, noting that businesses need to be conscious of incorrect information in this area.
According to Gartner's April 2017 study, the cloud security market is forecast to reach 19% growth by 2020. Turan, five important misconceptions about cloud security are as follows:
Misleading: Security certifications only concern compliance teams
Bearing in mind that certification of each solution partner, including service providers that provide security services to cloud platforms, must be certified, Turan says any deficiencies may lead to recalcitrant problems in the future. As an example, Turan, who gave ISO 27018 certification, states that this certificate contains standards for the protection of data belonging to customers using cloud services.
Misconception: Cloud providers' data centers are always more secure than their corporate counterparts
Emphasizing that even the right and full certification are not the only determining factors for high security, Turan says that most cloud service providers work with a shared security model and that the responsibility belongs to the customer in situations related to accessibility and use.
Misconception: More data centers provide higher performance and flexibility
Bearing in mind that it is not possible to make a definite judgment that the number of data centers directly affects the performance, Levent Turan says that there are situations where customers receive better service with fewer data centers.
Misconception: Among the factors that affect the costs of the cyber security insurance are not the companies that provide cloud services.
An insurance company, Forcepoint indicating that a large number of criteria when determining the premium rate is based Turkey Country Manager Levent Turan, where he stated that the number and diversity of the issues that are important safety measures. Turan suggests that both the service provider and the customers should demonstrate that they are committed to optimum cyber security, noting that an insurance company can raise premium levels if the cloud security provider believes that it has not made sufficient efforts.
Misconception: The new GDPR regulation only affects European companies
Turan has stated that the GDPR Regulation has been changed in a number of certifications and arrangements and underlines that ISO / IEC 27001: 2013, ISO / IEC 27002: 2013 and other ISO27k standards have been updated.

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