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The mobility that recently emerged in Turkish Lira is also widely found in the world press. Besides the positive / negative effects that may arise due to the trade volume of our country, the future of other emerging economies is waiting for news from the Turkish Lira. Countries with both economically similar countries and countries with a certain trade volume will be affected by our economic development. Who closely follow Turkey in the list of the commercial economy that bond us there are foreign banks.

1. Developing countries like South Africa, Argentina and Brazil have a similar economic model to us, so it is possible that the TL is creating a domino effect for these economies

The depreciation of Lira, according to Reuters, also shapes expectations for economies with similar economic and financial models, especially in countries like South Africa and Argentina. In addition, countries with relatively small and fragile economies share similar risks. Even if small-scale economies have small impacts when they are examined on their own, a collective economic volatility can have consequences that are effective globally.

2. The contraction in trade volume with the US due to additional customs duties has the potential to increase our commercial relations with the European Union

Eurasia Group's statements on the subject of news, America's bring tax added to the metal imports from Turkey and the extra taxes that we will apply to the US in attendance, the trade volume between Turkey and Europe are touched upon will affect in a positive way. Indeed unpopular stance by Trump's tariffs in Europe, the EU and Turkey is bringing together a common denominator. In this case, the trade volume between Turkey and the European Union influence in a positive way.
German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier to criticize the customs of the sanctions imposed on Turkey and the Treasury and Finance Minister Berat Albayrak also addressed the news to support this criticism, Turkey - EU relations is said to be moving in a positive direction.

3 international banks that have commercial ties with Turkey, Turkish Lira and the loss of values ​​formed by closely following the developments in the continuing

Two days of winning the lira in the previous article and losers subject area CNBC, emerging with the country's economy and banks 'losing' side, list the dollar and the European Union - Turkey if relations 'winner' was listed as a side.
The investment in Turkey by Spanish banks BBVA and UniCredit of Italy by 3% late last week - he said he declined around 4%. investors looking for safe haven dollar that tend to stand out in the other titles mentioned in the news for Turkey and the European Investment relations.

4. have a significant share of our imports are from China, Japan, South Korea, Asian Countries like India also among the countries who closely follow the economic situation of Turkey

In today shared news was mentioned that Turkey's imports was 6 out of 20 countries of the Asian countries. Among the countries to be affected by the depreciation of the Turkish Lira, mainly China, South Korea, India, Japan, Malaysia and Vietnam.
Deutsche Bank's director of Asia Pacific Asset Management, Tuan Huynh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka. It is also mentioned that the economies of the Asia-Pacific countries are not outsourced until 5 years ago.
Principal Global Investments CEO Jim mccaughan place in the news in the speech given the economic situation of Turkey, India, could create a domino effect for the economies of developing countries like South Africa are touched upon.

5. An estimated over 3.5 million refugees hosted in Turkey, in this respect have a serious economic impact on the European Union

In the Newsweek article that referred to the refugee crisis might occur in case of damage to Turkey's economy. Over 3.5 million Syrian refugees, in the case of over half a million North African and Middle Eastern origin living in refugee hosting Turkey's economic difficulties, evaluated the possibility of refugees to immigrate to Europe.
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