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In the ancient city of Nerik, the sacred city of Hittites in Samsun, 3.000 years old hazelnut shell was found.
The hazelnut shell was found in the ancient city of Nerik, apparently the holy city of the Hittites.
Excavations at Oymaağaç Höyüğü, located in the village of Vezirköprü in Samsun's Vezirköprü county, have been carried out for 13 years. During the excavations carried out in the ancient town of Nehir Ancient City of the Hittites, a hazelnut shell of 3.000 years was found.
13 years ago at the Oymaağaç Höyüğü in the village of Vezirköprü in Samsun's village of Oymaağaç, the German archaeologist Prof.Dr. The archaeological excavations initiated by Rainer Czichan's excavations continue this year.
(The settlement in Samsun was the Holy City of the Hittites)
In the previous studies, soil tablets with nail prints, seals, small vessels used in religious ceremonies, tombs, food storage pits, a tunnel, temple room bases, fortification wall, wall gate and various remnants were unearthed, an annual hazelnut shell and pieces of wood cut with bronze tools.
Analysis of carbon14 in the hazelnut shell.
The removal of the 3000 year old hazelnut shell to the surface of the day created great excitement in the excavation team. Samsun and Black Sea Region of the most important agriculture and commercial product of hazelnuts 3,000 years ago today was consumed as well.

Analysis of carbon14 in hazelnut shell

Prof. dr. Rainer Czichan, in the laboratory of TUBITAK in Kocaeli, carbon 14 analysis of wood residue and hazelnut shell is determined to be 3.000 years.
3,000 year old hazelnut shell in Samsun.
"We were shocked to see the wooden remains in the tunnel. Because there is no wet wood in Central Anatolia. After that, we found this hazelnut shell in there a little bit. Of course this is a very nice thing. Black Sea hazelnut region. All the big world brands are getting the nuts from the Black Sea. "
Exiting the 27 tablets on the excavations, it became clear that it was Nerik, the place where the Hittites considered the sacred. King of the Hittites III. It is estimated that Hattusili is visiting several times a year from Hattusha to Nerik, and is on special visits to respect the god of the air.

Oymaagaç Höyük

Oymaağaç Höyük, which is 4-5 hectares in the province of Samsun province Vezirköprü, is the most important settlement of Vezirköprü Ovas. The first people started to settle in Oymaağaç Höyük from the Chalcolithic period due to a suitable climate, fertile fields, sufficient water resources, copper deposits of the Rabbit Mountains and Kızılırmağ pass. The Middle Bronze and Late Bronze Age Oymaağaç Höyü is estimated to be the religious center of the Hittites "Nerik".
Professor of Freie University in Berlin, Dr. Rainer Czichon, Prof. Dr. The excavation and surface survey project conducted by Klinger is trying to prove the validity of this hypothesis.
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