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Maldives, honeymoon almost the mention of one of the first places that come to mind in Turkey. What makes Maldives so attractive? This islands community that does not fall from languages ​​offers a paradise corner on earth to take a look. The deep blue sea, with its pure white sands and ducks, takes away real life and immerses itself in dreams. Of course, these holidays, which are passed between images like postcards, are unforgettable. Here are 13 reasons to go to the Maldives in the dream holiday region ...

1. You can vacation in a living island made up of corals, not black pieces

The Maldives, made up of 1,192 islands, are not just rocks like other islands, but coral reefs and sand sets. If you think the seas surrounding the islands are made up of gigantic coral reefs, you might be doing your vacation in a lively island.

2. Not only in a hotel, you can experience a completely different holiday experience at the island hotel, open your eyes in endless blue in the morning

The Maldives are made up of 192 islands. 185 of these islands have inhabitants whose numbers are around 300 thousand. Most remaining small islands are used as island hotels. So one island is covered by one hotel. If you are staying in such a place, a fairly peaceful holiday will be waiting for you.

3. By night, you might witness this magnificent image

The bioluminescence, which is expressed by the chemical reactions performed by the living organism, that is, the bioluminescence which is brought into the water by the living things, can be seen from time to time in Maldives. You can also witness this amazing view.

This is the video ...

4. Thanks to rich fauna and flora you can encounter many different living things and plants

The Maldives are home to many live tropics due to its location. This also offers a quite different holiday experience.

5. You can take long walks on your feet on the white beach of dissolved corals

In the Maldives, white pebbles consist of corals that have been dissolved over time, not sand.

6. The sea is never cold and often does not fall below 25 degrees

Maldives is a paradise for those who do not like cold water because of its location. The sea temperature is usually quite high.

7. The local people living in Maldives are very strict and they are governed by Islamic rules, but they are not for tourists

Although Maldives is a holiday destination, the capital of the people and the country living there is ruled by strict rules. Shari'a rules are applied in the country and if you visit the region where the local people live, you have to dress according to various dress codes. But these rules are not valid for the islands that are open to tourists. However, it is forbidden to bring drinks and pork to Maldives.

8. You can try very different local tastes of seafood thanks to the rich cuisine

You can find lots of fish in Maldives, especially with fish dishes. If you say fish around here too, we should say that there are more than 2000 fishermen who are home owners.

9. Only golf carts and bicycles are used in the islands. This is a place without noise pollution and clean air

There is no car in the tourist islands, which is a reason for preference especially for those living in our country.

10. Suitable conditions for you to do various sports in quite different options from diving to surfing and sea parachute are available in the island

If you are interested in spores or pursuing different experiences, the Maldives offer you a lot of different options at this point. You can experience almost every subtype here on the surf and parachute.

11. The most favorite water sport is of course diving! You can discover legendary coral reefs, feed on stingrays, be friends with sharks

Diving, probably your Maldivian vacation will be something to be forgotten. We have mentioned the maritime wealth, and there is no doubt that it will be unforgettable if we add the sharks that we do not have the chance to see around the coral reefs.

12. You can watch millions of stars in these islands, which are far from the big cities, at night

From the city, the noise and, of course, millions of artificial light, you can see as many stars in your Maldive islands as you can see in your life.

13. You will be one of the visitors to the Maldive Islands, which is expected to disappear after about 100 years

Most islands are only a few meters high from the water level. For this reason, the Maldives are expected to disappear completely in 50-100 years.
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