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Facebook will use renewable energy in its global operations

Facebook today announced that it will cut greenhouse gas emissions by 75 percent and use 100 percent renewable energy from 2020 on its global operations.
If you look at it, Facebook has been criticized in many different ways until now, and it deserves praise for the actions on the subject of renewable energy. The company purchased the first renewable energy in 2013 and has also signed new solar and wind energy purchases of 3 gigawatts.
Moreover, the company is buying this energy to sell in local markets. Facebook, which provides access to renewable energy sources from other companies and organizations, builds infrastructure and projects for other buyers, allows other companies' customers to buy renewable energy from local public services.
The company said that all these wind and solar energy projects will be in the same position as the new and data centers. Saying that each project will create employment, investment and a healthy environment, Facebook said the project would extend fr…

The number of electric and hybrid vehicles in Europe is over 1 million

Fossil-fueled vehicles leave their place to electric and hybrid models. Although the transformation is rather slow, the European market has completed its major milestone in the second half of this year. According to market analysis company EV Volumes, Europe has more than 1 million electric and hybrid vehicles in the first half of 2018.
In the first half of the year, the EU, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein sold 42 percent more environmentally friendly vehicles compared to the first half of last year. This means that about 195,000 additional vehicles have been sold compared to the same period of the previous year.With one million eco-friendly cars, Europe becomes the world's largest market after China. The European market is followed by the US. However, the US has not yet reached the number of 1 million electric and hybrid vehicles.
When we look at the countries in the region, Norway is the country that is on the ropes in sales. In Norway, about 36,500 environmentally …

cure for biliary stones

Professor Dr. Abraham Saracoglu can treat bile pathology with vegetative methods with the miracle cure prepared with avocado leaf, sprout, red pepper and dandelion plant which our chef shares.
Many people with biliary stones do not experience any symptoms. In this respect bile stone stone is known as a silent disease. The discovery of biliary stones prevents the breakdown of oils from food.
For this reason, excessive bloating after meals or pain on the back and shoulders starting from the abdominal region may be a symptom of gallstone stones.
The symptom is seen as pain in the middle of the upper part of the abdomen, below the ribs, or just above the abdomen. If you want to get rid of these pain and gall bladder stones you will do at home and you can regain your old health by natural cure and break the bile stones.
Professor Dr. Abraham Saracoglu's recipe for the recipe of our staff and the construction phase we share for our readers.
Cure against Bile Grain Stone (İbrahim Saraçoğlu Ta…

Nerve and Stress Area 5 Nutrient

Up to 5 Minutes Effect Immediately ...Some studies clearly indicate that levels of melatonin, a high-titer amino acid and a tryptophan that stimulates the synthesis of serotonin in the brain, cause sleep to be quality, relaxing, and comfortable.
Before sleeping for a good night's sleep, we need to pay attention to the foods and drinks we consume.
Experts in the 5 food recommendations for comfortable sleep emphasize that we need to pay attention to the foods and drinks we consume before we eat to eat healthy and to have a good night's sleep.
Metabolism's work is related to food intake, as well as the quality of foods that are important for health, such as sleep.
Blood pressure and some foods that lower the pulse help sleep by slowing down metabolism, while others have a sleeping complicating effect by increasing metabolism and brain activity.
1 - WalnutWalnut, a source of natural melatonin, can still help you to sleep. After dinner, one cup of tea is enough to eat.
2 - BananaIn a…

Dry Plum for Bone Comes Good

A Research on the Benefit of Bone Erimesine Dry Matter
When we talk about the strong and robust bone structure, milk and dairy products first come to mind. However, according to a study published in the British Journal of Medicine, there is a more effective diet to have strong bones: prunes.
According to the study published here, prunes are shown as a very effective fruit in preventing bone loss. The study was conducted on 236 women between 1 and 10 years in the postmenopausal period who did not use hormone therapy or any other medication that could affect bone metabolism.
Among these women, 160 women were randomly divided into two groups and a group of 100 gr dried plums per day and another group of 100 gr apples. The waist, forearm, hip and whole body bone mineral density (BMD) and bone biomarkers of participant women were measured at the beginning and end of the study.
At the end of the study, it was observed that the BMD in the spine and the frontal cortex was significantly increased …

Goats feel closer to happy faces

According to a survey in the UK, the number of animal species that can understand people's mental state is much higher than we thought.
Researchers from Queen Mary University conducted experiments on goats in a shelter in Kent.
The team showed two angry expressions of cheerful expression of the same person to the felines.
Happy face or angry face?Several black-and-white photographs, the wall of the experiment area, were hanged about 1.5 meters apart, then the goats were released.
The researchers observed that the keijis first interacted with them, looking at the photos of the smiling faces.
It was seen that the goats smelled the photo with their noses and spent more time in front of the happy face.
This only happened when the happy photograph of the man was placed on the right side and the other side on the left. When the happy face visual is on the left, there has not been a big change in the interest of the keijis in the two photographs.
Researchers explain this because the sheep use o…

Neanderthals disappearing, cold and dry climate

According to a new research, the cold and dry climate helped our Neanderthals in Europe to take their place.
An animation of a Neanderthal family designed according to findings in Croatia. A: Nikola Solic, Reutera The researchers discovered that the colder periods lived temporally over time, with the disappearance of the Neanderthals in different parts of the continent and the emergence of our current Homo sapiens.
Michael Staubwasser of the University of Cologne says, "We can not say it exactly if we move or kill another time."
Neanderthals once lived in Europe and Asia, but it was consumed about 40,000 years ago. Only a few thousand years after that, Homo sapiens reached Europe. Researchers are trying to find out exactly what happened, and some researchers have pointed to climate change as a reason. Other proposed statements include outbreaks or ideas that newcomers have taken away from the food sources of Neanderthals.
(Formation: Neanderthals Cave Painting)
In a new study they…

okra seeds in liquid loss in the knees

Liquid loss arthritis meniscus - and last to knee pain
I had been drinking for 10 months with normal water for three months without any discomfort. They told me for 3 months that my left knee pain was painful and it worked well.
Those with a meniscus problem are able to get rid of it with a natural method
Okra seed. friends there is a liquid in the okra seed which is good for meniscus. Think like a marrow in our body. I was coming to the knee to cry my aches I believe the okra seeds were offered to me for about a month or two and I really enjoyed it. every morning on an empty stomach you see this photograft in the seeds 10-15 pieces of mouth with water, you will see the benefit of the swallow. I wanted to share that it would be useful.
There is a miracle of Okra Seed which increases joint fluids. If you keep 6-7 okra seeds per day with some water in the morning and you continue this for at least three months, you will notice that your joints are not painful.
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Jaguar Land Rover tries to increase confidence in autonomous vehicles by 'virtual eyes'

How secure are autonomous vehicles, known as Level 4 and Level 5, for buoys? I do not know what your answer will be, but the results of a study by the American Automobile Association show that 63% of those surveyed are worried that future autonomous vehicles will not provide pedestrian safety.
This rate can also be described as a fear that the human being, who is trying to adapt to the more integrated industry 4.0 solutions of our lives every day, is not fully aware of it.
In the joint project involving Jaguar Land Rover engineers and psychologists, will 'virtual eyes', which will take place in autonomous vehicles, increase pedestrian confidence within this context? looking for the answer of sorusun.
Jaguar Land Rover wants to put an end to fearful and prejudiced virtual eyes, and aims to provide the technology that human beings can actually design.
While intelligent capsules move autonomously in a street adaptation in Coventry, the behavior of the springs waiting to cross the pat…


Lipids, such as carbohydrates, are also the second group of basic hydrocarbon derivatives containing primarily carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen; but may contain other elements, especially phosphorus and nitrogen. In its simplest form, lipids are hydrocarbons with a carboxyl group at one end. These types of lipids are essentially nonpolar due to the long hydrocarbon "tails". Therefore, they are insoluble in water; but soluble in organic compounds such as ethers. Many of the lipids are more complex with ionic groups attached to the carboxyl end and long hydrophobic tails are universal.
oilsNeutral oils are well known lipids. The oils, which are important as energy storage materials in living organisms, also provide insulation, support and protection of the various parts of the body.
Each fat molecule is formed by the combination of glycerol and fatty acids. Glycerol (sometimes also called glycerin) has three carbon atom scaffolds each carrying a hydroxyl (OH) group. Illustratively,…

A tool to save the same code over and over again: TeaCode

For software developers, writing a line repeatedly over a large project can cause a considerable amount of time loss. Using a custom code expander for such a situation can be quite useful. TeaCode is a new tool that saves you from repeatedly typing the same lines, and with this tool you can quickly solve them in short ways without having to type in the bener codes.
With more than 80 ready-made shortcuts for Swift, PHP, Objective-C and HTML, you can get rid of the code for each line-by-line command and you can increase your coding speed and save time by creating your own shortcut.
Being able to use TeaCode in all editors and in all programming languages ​​is also a huge advantage. With the trial version, you can test this tool and, if you are satisfied, you can switch to one of the different paid packages for yourself or your team. Source: technology

What are the Benefits of Yasmine Tea?

Jasmine on aromatic tea is the most preferred plant. It grows in the tropical regions of Asia. There are many benefits to health.
Antioxidant Features
The most popular feature is that it contains a lot of antioxidants. These antioxidants try to destroy substances that weaken the immune system. It helps prevent pains.
Protecting the Heart
If a person who has had heart and vascular disease already starts to consume jasmine tea, it will not prevent the discomfort again.
Cancer Prevention
Jasmine tea has anti-cancer properties because of its ingredients.
Yasemin tea destroys the negative effects of diabetes when consumed regularly.
Stress Prevention
The feeling of smell is a very strong perception. The smell of jasmine tea is a relaxing feature, it improves mental condition.
Regulation of Digestive System
If you add jasmine tea to your daily diet, you can reduce your stomach discomforts. You can prevent digestive problems.
Immune System Strengthens
Protect and defend the immune system against …

10 Archeology News

In August of 2018 in Turkey and in the world made for those who missed the most interesting and important archaeological discoveries have compiled this list.
10- Ancient Egyptian Mummification Formula RevealedChemical analyzes on a mummified remains from Ancient Egypt revealed the form of balsam used for mummification.
A corpse that appeared to be mummified between 3500 and 3700 BC shows that the mummification formula was also developed much earlier than anticipated and was used in a wider geographical area. The essence of the balsam consists of: - a plant oil, possibly a sesame seed, a "balsamaceous" plant or root extract, possibly a bean sprout, a natural sugar taken from the ground, possibly from acacia, glue, a coniferous tree with a critical prescription, .
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9- Ancient Human Species Found a Hybrid for the First TimeUntil 40,000 years ago, at least two groups lived in Eurasia: the Neandertals in the west and the Denisovals in the east. Now, the researchers …

What is Rosemary Soap? What are the benefits?

Rosemary soap is a soap that is obtained from the olive oil preserving its freshness. It is especially useful in skin problems. The oil remover is a soap.
Rosemary plant syrup, cologne, oil, tea making and many other uses of the field.
What are the Benefits of Rosemary Soap?- Cleans the pores in the skin. It gives freshness and vitality.
- It has antibacterial properties. Purifies the germs on the skin.
- Cleans the oils on the skin and prevents the formation of acne.
- Helps the cell regenerate.
- It is also very effective in hair oils. It reduces hair oiling when used regularly.
- It nourishes and strengthens the hair.
- Bran is good for your problems.
- Allows hair to grow faster and livelier.
- Soap has a healing effect. Recommended for the treatment of skin wounds.
- Good for cellulite problems.
- If you are massaged with rosemary soap on your body aching region, there is pain relief effect.
- It is cure for fungal diseases.
Usage of Rosemary SoapIf the body and skin are used for b…

What are the Benefits of the Watermelon Hull?

Most people do not pay attention to healthy ingredients in their shells or seeds after eating the inside of crustaceans. For example, watermelon core.
Maintain Heart Health
The watermelon seeds contain magnesium. It is one of the most important minerals in the body. Failure to take magnesium adequately can cause lethal conditions in heart conditions.
The nuclei have a substance that protects the heart, reducing the blood pressure called citrulline.
The watermelon kernel lowers cholesterol.
Strengthens Immune System
Roasted watermelon seeds are an iron source. This allows the immune system to strengthen. Vitamin B in the nucleus also contributes to this.
Improve Male Reproductive System
Zinc in the kernel is important in this regard. Male sperm can improve quality. And it plays an important role in the reproductive system.
Helper In Diabetes
Magnesium, zinc and other substances found in the seed help balance the sugar.
Provides Healthy Work of the Brain
Magnesium in the core strengthens the memo…

What is 12 Tone Music?

In the 1920s, the famous musician and composer, atonal (non-tonal, not connected to a particular tonal system), was created by Arnold Schöenberg. According to the twelve-tone music, there are twelve half-sounds in a series of octaves, each of which must be removed from the existing tonal structure and brought to the sound position with the same value.Quadruple and quintuple spacings used intensively in the tonal structure, twin or triple spacings are preferred, although they are used once in twelve tonnes of music. In addition to these rules, harmonic or anarchic concepts are not used in this musical. In other words, there are no concepts such as major and minor, do not want to have a flat.

Grundgestalt, the main form of Schönberg, is the pattern of twelve-tone music. This basic form is a structure that is used to obtain a harmonic, melodic and rhythmic structure in the work to be written according to a certain scheme. In the work, it is also possible to create new motifs and themes …

Astronomy and Physics Development

It can be said that Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543) was the first modern scientist working on this subject. Copernicus has argued that the Sun is not around the Earth but on the contrary, the Earth has returned to a certain orbit around the Sun. This hypothesis explains why more distant planets such as Jupiter are changing the direction of the stars in the background to about once a year. This reversal stems from the fact that Earth "passed" the others on the way around the Sun. This hypothesis also explains why Venus and Mercury are never far from the Sun because their orbits are closer to the Sun than the Earth. Although so descriptive, the ideas of Copernicus were not readily accepted, and Aristotle's model dominated western science for a long time.
The most influential and last darbey to Aristotle's model was the reduction of Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) from Padua University. Galileo is probably the first researcher to fully use the scientific method.
Many exper…

What is Hydro Forming?

The Hidroşekillendir; (water, viscous, polymeric material, etc.) in a closed container by means of a fluid medium. It first appeared in 1890 but its actual use is II. is a method of manufacturing that took place after World War II. Although the first researches have been carried out in the aviation sector in Germany and in Japan, in today's USA, Russia, France, Israel, universities and private research units are working intensively on various subjects. The method did not see much to be needed until sufficient information was available and some technical difficulties were not reached until the 1990s. After these years, especially in the automotive industry, using the hydroforming method has made a leap.

Most of sheet metal parts which are included in serial production technology, mainly in automotive and white goods sectors, are produced by molding method. Mold design and manufacturing for each part; the geometric complexity of the sheet material and the difficulty in determining …

What is Ravioli Eat? How is it prepared in different cultures?

An Anatolian man who keeps the kitchen world wide with pastry dishes and snacks, he has started to meet both dough, meat and spices with his ravioli dish.Classically, ravioli is prepared with a spicy variety of spices, put into pieces of dough that opens in small size. The prepared small pieces of dough are boiled in water and the ravioli is ready to serve.

Ravioli is an important ingredient of the Turkish cuisine, as well as a delicious and lucid element of other Central Asian food cultures. Ravioli food, also in the former Soviet Socialist Republics (Soviet Union) countries, is a very popular food. The process of integrating Mantin into Anatolian culture began with the Turkish tribes migrating from Central Asia to Anatolia. As a proof of this proposition, in some regions the name "tatar böreği" is given to eat ravioli. In the Far East cuisine, a very similar derivative of eating ravioli, baozi and mandu is given. This type of dish is likened to meat and vegetable dough di…

What is Tea Mask? Is skin useful?

Skin health is at least as important as body health. Skin is the body's clothes. The general health of the skin is closely related to the health of the body. Because a problem in the body is reflected first on the skin. For example, when the liver is lubricious, the spots on the skin come out and the pores become clear. When there is a problem in the heart, the black spots on the skin multiply. When the balance of the body deteriorates, the balance of the skin becomes distorted. While a healthy skin looks bright and vibrant, a problematic skin looks pale, stained, freckled, tired and dull.

the 7649_ay_maskeThe skin is a factor in nutrition when it looks healthy. Oily, extremely spicy foods, dry foods consumed in large quantities cause the natural fat and moisture balance of the skin to deteriorate. In addition, the lack of oxygen in the air, lack of air in the living environment, inaccurate nutrition, and stress in every area of ​​our life cause premature aging and wasting of the…

Lines Completed in Dimension 3

A method of bending paper surfaces and expanding the area of ​​motion by adding dimension to lines 2b. I recently witnessed how Avlis animated his drawings by folding papers. Before that, we had also included in the works of the Danish artist Huskmitnavn, who laughed at the viewer in three dimensions. HuskMitNavn adds innovations to his prank work, which combines paper art and caricature.
Wrap, fold, tear, and finish the compositionFor those of you wondering what HuskMitNavn means, I'll open a small bracket, which means that the adjacent written words means "remember my name" as a sentence in Danca . HuskMitNavn laid the foundation for his work with black and white drawings, which seem very unusual. But by cutting, folding and even crumpling the papers, he completes parts of these drawings and there are really fun 3D cartoons at that point.
Artist; printing, album and coffee cups, such as the sale of products through the internet site. You can also follow the new instructi…

What is Hot or Sunburst?

During long winter days, it is expected that during the rains, winds and colds, the impatient summer months will come, the sun will show the hot face. When spring arrives, the reviving power that warms the sun is felt and the nature awakens. The following summer is almost the holiday of the sun, the sand, the sea. The sun, the sea and the sand are more than tempting, but if there is not enough awareness, they are faced with undesired health problems. The sun takes it as it did in life. The vital danger we are talking about is the sun or the heat. As the temperature of the outside increases, the adaptation mechanisms of the body become active. However, these mechanisms, which try to regulate the body temperature and keep it constant, are suddenly increased in temperature, if they stay on the sun for a long time, they become distorted and some complaints start to occur. These complaints are due to hot impact.
What are the Signs of a Sunburst?Sun or hot bumps can give many symptoms. Howev…