Unique features to be added to your device with iOS 12

Features that will be added to our phone with iOS 12, which will be available in the final version later this year

Currently tested for beta, iOS 12 will be available on iPhones and iPads later this year. What kind of features will my stomach have and what will it change? Here are 14 features iOS 12 brings ...

We brought the Apple QR code scan feature to iOS 11 the past year. With iOS 12, a new shortcut is added, and this shortcut opens up the camera to scan your code.
To add the shortcut to the screen, go to the Control Center in Settings. Select 'Customize Controls' and add 'Scan QR Code'.
  • Memojiler is entering our lives
    With the iPhone X, Apple introduced Animoji to the world. Thanks to the front camera of the device, we have added memoji feature with iOS 12, even though our avatars have entered our lives thoroughly. We can now create avatars and emojis that look exactly like ourselves.

    The Messages camera is more fun

  • If you use the camera in the Messages application, you will see the new icon on the left. With this icon that opens the effect page, you can add your own Memojine, draw something, or write on the image. 

  • Group FaceTime calls

    FaceTime received a major update with iOS 12. Users can now join groups of up to 32 people. You can also add effects to FaceTime calls. 

  • Automatic OS updates

    In order to keep the users' devices up-to-date, the iOS 12 comes with auto-update feature. To turn on this feature, go to Software Updates in Settings and open Auto Updates.

    When the option is active, OS updates will start if you have Wi-Fi connected. 

    Sleep timeWith the new Bedtime mode, notifications will not bother you again. To enable this feature, click Do Not Disturb in Settings, then Bedtime. So when you look at your phone to check the clock, you will not be distracted.Source: poxox.com technology
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