How to delete swarm account?

Nowadays you can completely delete your account in Swarm , which is the application that many users have chosen to make online bookings . So, how do I delete the Swarm account ? We are accustomed to from other social media applications account temporarily  freezing  property is not found in the Swarm side. In this guide   we tell you what you need to do to delete your Swarm account .

How to delete swarm account?

Firstly, it is not possible to delete Swarm account from mobile devices like tablet, phone . The steps you need to take to delete your Swarm account are as follows;

- Log in to Foursquare via your computer's Internet browser .
- Then access the account deletion page via this link 

- Login with your Swarm account information.

- When you log in, give the answer that is right for you in the question "Why are you leaving Foursquare and Swarm?"

- Delete your account with " Delete Account " button located under the page .

Also note that users who have logged in with Facebook and can not see the "Delete Account" button need to set a password for their accounts.

Can Swarm account freezing be done?

If you are not satisfied with the application, unfortunately you are offered only one option. Unlike social networks like Facebook , Instagram , you can not freeze your account when you decide not to use Swarm . Since the account can not be frozen, the only option in your hand is to delete the account. Of course by choosing not to delete the account, you can not just use the application . But when it does, people will continue to see you through Swarm.

Things to watch out for when deleting a swarm account

First of all, remember that you can only remove the application from the web. This means that you can not perform account deletion on the tablet where the application is located.

Other social networks may suffer from account deletion. If the application is Facebook account information line you are operating out of your melting "Delete Account" button may appear at first.

So, as with any other application, if you connect via Facebook , creating a new user account will be the most sensible option. Every application is somehow connected to Facebook and its services, but you may experience problems in certain situations.

Last but not least; When you press Delete Account , you will irrevocably delete Swarm and Foursquare accounts, as well as any information contained in these accounts.

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