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It's not as hard as you think it is to get away from your home without damaging your abdomen.

The ants are small creatures famous for their hard work. These animals, whose intelligence levels are quite high, exhibit tremendous examples of working in teams. In each group, the task of each of the ants is certain and their harmony never deteriorates.

But we do not think much of positive things about the ants in our homes. As a result, these living creatures, when they learn the path of our fortune, are now in trouble with a lot of ants. Because they are very small and animated creatures, they can take advantage of any space in the house.

Still, it is not right to get rid of them by killing ants like any other. It would be more appropriate to remove them peacefully from our homes. In this article, we will examine the 11 simple but effective ways of removing the ants from the house.

1. Cleaning

The main reason for the ants to invade your home is that there are food bruises around. When the ants see your home as a possible hunting and food-seeking region, they will not neglect to establish a home for them. But the ants, like all other animals, find their territory with their smell. When you destroy these smells, they will walk away. The materials you use during cleaning naturally spread the smell to the surroundings. These smells will keep the ants away from your home. In particular, cleaning fluids such as bleach should be avoided to kill ants. You will see that the ants have left your house on this track.

2. Cinnamon Barrier

The ants are quite sensitive to the smell. Therefore, the most effective way to remove them is the barrier method. You can make them back by making barriers from various materials on past or possible transit routes. The ants, who see the materials made from some materials and smell, prefer to return instead of passing these barriers. Sometimes they even have to do this.

The province of these is cinnamon. The ants do not like the cinnamon smell. You can combine the cinnamon with cinnamon oil and escape them with the help of cotton to the places where the ants walk. You can apply this method to windows, door entrances to reduce the possibility of outside. Only cinnamon oil can be applied as a spray.

3. Albanian Biberian Barrier

Just like cinnamon, Cayenne pepper also removes them from the house when applied to rods of ants. Boil some boiling water into a boiling water boiling a little Albanian. Then apply this water by spraying to the places where the ants pass.

4. Vinegar Restaurant

Another substance that the ants can not tolerate is the circus. At the same time, there is the effect of kidnappers used for cleaning. You can also apply vinegar and water to the ant roots by spraying again.

5. Powder Barrier

Especially baby powders have a pungent odor. The ants hate this scent. If you apply the powder to the regions of the ants, the ants will have difficulty finding their direction due to this smell and will leave the area.

6. From the citrus shells

Barrier The most effective citrus peel is the lemon crust. We know what an effective acid is in lemon. Pull the lemon peel into the mixer for a while to form small particles. Pour these particles into the areas where the ants are most dense, if possible. The ants will soon leave the house.

7. Coffee Barrier Barrier

All of us know the benefits of treason. But it is also very effective in removing the ants. Pour the coffee tie into the area where the ants are densely populated, if possible. The ants will abandon your house quickly.

8. Carbonate / Relief Tozu Bariyereri

You can also escape them by putting carbonates or embossing dust on the areas of the ants.

9. Nanli Barrier

Another substance that nobody likes from the smell of ants. However, if you apply the lemon peel together with the nail will be more effective. Divide the lemon quarter and sprinkle fresh mint on a quarter lemon. The tiny ants that smell of lemon flavored with mint will escape from your home.

10. Chalk Line

In fact, one of the most common ant antagonistic methods is the chalk line. If you draw a line to the door entrances, chalking the windows, the ants will not pass those thresholds.

11. Powder Coal

Just like chalk, you can move away from your house with dust and charcoal as well as lines that you will draw to the door entrances, window edges. You will also see that the ants flee very suddenly when you cast powder coal into the nests of the ants. In addition to all these methods, you can also use turmeric, red pepper or black pepper to remove ants from your home. Apply these methods once a day to the ants, or where they come from. You will see they are very effective against the anus.

It is possible to keep them away from home without killing ants or using chemical medicines. Do not kill ants using chemical remedies, even if they can only keep them away by spraying water. Do not worry, the ants will not die when they come in contact with the water. You'll just spray them. You can also move away from your home without killing your ants by means of these methods that you can find and implement in your home very comfortably. Do not forget, do not kill them. Move away from your home.

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