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China begins to artificially benefit from foreign policy decisions

One of these systems developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which is still in its infancy, is being used by the foreign ministry of the country. According to experts, this move can deepen the gap between countries' strategic moves capabilities. 

The Chinese Foreign Ministry confirmed the news in the press and recalled that advanced technology led to great transformations in people's lifestyle and working styles, benefiting from applications in many sectors. It was stated that this inclination ministry in the world as a whole would be actively adapting.

According to Sputnik, China's "Generation and Road Initiative" move brings diplomatic burdens to employees, and it is said that this area will be used more than artificial intelligence.

A number of options, advice and preliminary reports will be available to the artificial intelligence before the diplomats make their decision.

Feng Shuai, senior executive direct…

Scientists succeeded in reversing the effects of aging

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in the US have used an experimental compound on mice to destroy the high nutritional consequences of high fat and cholesterol-related damage. Skin problems, hair loss and whitening were reversed in an experiment to repair damage created by western style nutrition. 

According to a study published in the magazine 'Scientific Report', the western black diet of mice fed with this diet turned and turned black. Diet also caused skin inflammation.

From the 36th week onwards, skin lesions appeared in about three quarters of the mice.

However, from 20 to 36 weeks, mice and mice that consumed the experimental compound returned to their skin and hair.

According to Sputnik's report, Subroto Chatterjee pointed out that the Western diet shows hair loss, whitening, causing dermatitis, and stated that it would not be possible to remove these effects immediately.

However, scientists u…

NASA approved the use of Russian RD-180 rocket engines on human spaceflights

In his statement, Arbuzov used the phrase "NASA approved the RD-180's manned flight today". 

A commission of Arbuzov NASA and representatives of the US Air Force last year said that JSC NPO Energomash has conducted an audit of the technical processes and management system to ensure compliance with US requirements.

"They were the result of our system being suited to human space missions," Arbozov said.
According to JSC NPO Energomash General Manager Arbuzov, the RD-180 engine Atlas V (Atlas 5) carrier rocket will carry its first flight in February 2019 and will carry its crew with a Starliner spacecraft.

The RD-180 motorized Atlas V rocket will perform an unmanned flight in November 2018.

After the worsening of US-Russian relations in 2014 due to the Crimean issue, Congressional members of the US restricted the purchase of RD-180s, and a law requiring the US to progressively reduce Russian production engines in the next generation rocket propulsion systems and replac…

12 Charming Places to Absolutely See in Paris

Paris has been dug into the memory of all of us as a city of lovers. It was always remembered as a city that smells of love with the influence of its history, its architecture and the artists it has lived.

And Paris, one of the most touristic cities in Europe, is breaking records with the number of tourists it hosts almost every year. Paris; historical buildings, cafes, shops, flea markets and, most importantly, French history. We have listed for you the historical and tourist attractions you should definitely go to in Paris. You will be able to fill your suitcases as soon as possible for this trip which will take a few days.
1. Louvre MuseumLouvre Museum is one of the most important museums of Paris and even the world. Located near the River Sen, the museum has nearly thirty-five classic and modern art pieces. You will not be able to see all these works at once. If you have the chance to enter the museum once, do not leave without seeing the most important monuments, Mona Lisa, Milo Ve…

Historic Building Hotel Chelsea';s Legendary Artists and Unforgettable Memories

One of New York's historic buildings, the hotel was built in 1884. Hotel Chelsea was said to be a source of art in the sixties and seventies. We are talking about a hotel that welcomes famous hippies, rock stars, writers, poets and painters living in New York. The hotel, which has hosted many names such as Leonard Cohen, Janis Japlin, Tennessee Williams, Bob Marley, Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan, Patti Smith, Jimi Hendrix, Andy Warhol, Pink Floyd, Êdith Piaf and Madonna,

The rooms and corridors of these famous names were the places where the arts were produced, with the drugs, alcohol and sex waves. They never saved the memories they would never forget. These memoirs were the subject of filme, song and book. And we want to talk about your most memorable ones.
Leonard Cohen wrote the song "Chelsea Hotel" he wrote for Janis JoplinOn the evening of 1968, Chelsea Hotel had Leonard Cohen and Janis Joplin in the elevator. The elevator is slowly moving, causing them to converse and thu…

Atoms close to the speed of light with their electrons

In a written statement from CERN, in the experiment on July 25, it was observed that the Large Hadron Collider (BHC) moved with low energy beam for about one hour with a single electron around a group of atomic nuclei, then loaded the same beam with full power, it was stated that it succeeded in maintaining without breaking away from the core.

The scientists then succeeded in maintaining the same experiment with fewer atoms for up to 2 hours with full force.
During the experiment, it was noted that the atoms and electrons returned at a rate close to the speed of light in the FWD.

According to Sputnik, the LWR, also known as the "Atom shredder", has actually managed to turn the atoms at this speed before. However, in previous experiments, when the atom reached high velocities, the electrons around it separated and separated from the nucleus.

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Big drop in the number of king penguins

The population of the world's largest king penguin colony, living on the French island of Cochons, south of the Indian Ocean, has declined by 88 percent since the 1980s, according to a survey published in Antarctic Science.

In the 2015-2017 period, 60,000 penguin couples were observed in air and satellite observations. A similar study in the 1980s found that about 500,000 pairs of penguins were found.
Researchers noted that the cause of the great tension in the population is unknown. 

After the emperor penguin, the king penguin, which is the largest type of penguin, lives in the more temperate islands north of Antarctica.

Research on bird species in the region has shown that bird populations are decreasing due to climate change.

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The BMW smart clock will be a first!

We know the BMW brand by car and motorcycle models. On the other hand, the brand will face a smart clock for the first time . Fossil Group has officially announced the BMW smart watch model.
What will be the features of the BMW smart watch?BMW and the Fossil Group business union announced the future of a new watch and intelligent watch collection. It is also worth mentioning that the company is very ambitious for BMW-based watch models . At the moment, there is no description about design, features and release date, but the combination of the two experienced markers is obviously the story of future successful products.

Let's underline that the Fossil Group has designed intelligent watch models for brands like Diesel , Emporio Armani , Kate Spade and Michael Kors . In this sense, besides the fashion brands of the company, an automotive giant is attracting attention.

Fossil underscores that he is aiming to best reflect his experience of clock design and intelligent watchmaking skills f…

Those who see Mars living spaces are fascinated!

Even if NASA sends people to the planet Mars, it is far from creating a living space where they can survive for long enough to go there. The result of the NASA 's congressman who wanted to address this issue was apparent. Illionis' Bradley University  event was held in the event finalists announced. Here are the projects that marked the competition with Mars living spaces !
In the models in which they created the participants, they did not just lean on the design lines. At the same time , wall thicknesses, heating, pressure tightness  and other factors were noted in these concepts  .
Mars  survivors finals remaining projects
The remaining 5 teams  shared the $ 100,000  cash prize while the last two teams  took home the $ 20,957 cash prize. The most successful team, the Zopherus team from Arkansas , designed a living space created by moving 3D printer.

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what are the benefits of artichoke circulation?

Artichoke is the indispensable vegetable of the spring season. It is a healthy food and must be consumed. Especially in recent years, consumption has become quite widespread. Artichoke belongs to the family of papatyagiller. It is a Mediterranean vegetation and another feature that has been for many years. Artichokes should be consumed in season as well as every vegetable and fruit. Artichoke dishes with olive oil are quite common and the making and use of artichokes is not very common.
Artichoke circulation is just as useful as artichoke. Of course, it will be much healthier to have this sicne at home in the natural ways. There should be no additives in it. Making artichoke circles at home is quite easy and effortless. The important thing is that the artichoke is fresh and you should wait patiently for it to occur.

Artichokes should be taken during the season for the construction of artichoke circles. First, artichokes are cleaned and dried. After small slicing, place the glass gobo an…

Black Mosses

Black algae are relatively small plants that live in damp places in the dark, such as damp rocky, forest grounds, marshes and wetlands, and on the edges of rivers and pools. Some species can survive in arid periods by becoming sleeping and stopping their growth. They must be absolutely addictive to a moist environment, especially in these plants, there are swallowed sperm cells that need to swim in the egg cells of the arctegonium.

In most cases, well-developed transmission fabrics and therefore fluids do not have internally long-distance carrying capabilities. The absence of secondary thickened walls, which serve as main support elements in the transmission plants, probably also limits the size of the mosses.
Some botanists think that the black moss is rooted in filamentous green algae. Indeed, a very young moss plant, called protonema, is often a filamentous green area. As the plant grows, protonema forms some branches (rizoids) that enter the soil and connect the plant to the soil, a…

Reproduction in Primitive Algae

As a representative of one-celled algae, primal plant species called Chlamydomonas is the best-studied cinstir among green algae. Asexual reproduction is common in Chlamydomonas. A vegetative cell first attracts its whip; then the nucleus divides by passing the mitosis and cytokinesis takes place. At the end of this process, two sister cells, both extending within the wall of the main cell, form. These two sister cells are freed from the rapid breakdown of the wall in some species, whereas in other species the puppies are divided in the wall of the main cell. They form 4, 8, 16 or more litter cells depending on the type of plant and environmental conditions. Each of the juvenile cells form their own cell walls and whips just before they leave the main cell as free zoospores.
In Chlamydomonas, zoospores are smaller than older vegetative cells, but in some cases they may be of the same size; there are important morphological differences between zoospores and mature cells in many types of…

Aquatic plants (Algae and its derivatives-2)


Red algae are mostly sea plants. However, some live in freshwater or on land. They usually live deeper than brown algae. Most of these algae are multi-celled and live with one hand. There are not many in the algae which are frequent in brown algae. Cell walls contain cellulosic as well as abundant amounts of moisturizing agent. The storage material is not a starch but a polysaccharide called red starch and resembling starch. Red algae are an important source of commercial colloids. For example, agar which is the most important ingredient of bacterial culture media, some additives of chocolate milk and puddings, some sauces of sauces, some stabilizers put in cheese and ice creams, some ingredients to keep sweetened cream and lokum-like candies moist,
In addition to chlorophyll a found in all photosynthetic eukaryotes, red algae also contains chlorophyll d, which is not found in other plant groups. Red algae use chlorophyll attached to their specific auxiliary pi…

10 Modernist Art Movement

1. Surrealism (Surrealism)
Surrealism as one of the most famous artistic movements of the modernist era, thanks to Salvador Dali's indelible work "Belle Azmi" (1931); internal motive, eye-catching and aesthetic imagery. Andre Breton, one of the well-known poets and critics of time, taking advantage of the absurd tendencies of Dadaists and of psychoanalytic writings of Sigmund Freud, published in 1924 the "Surrealist Manifesto". According to surrealists, apart from consciousness, the realms of fantasy and fantasy can be combined with everyday reality into "absolute reality, a surrealism". Although his best-remembered work is the work of surrealist painters such as Jean Arp, Max Ernst and André Masson, surrealists have worked in a variety of fields, such as poetry, literature, sculpture and film circles at the time;
2. DadaizmPerhaps the purpose of Dadaist art, best summarized by the famous Dadaist poet Hugo Ball, is that art is "an end in itself; bu…

What is Swing? 17 Things You Should Know About Dancing Swing On-Site Duomo

Old films have an image that we are familiar with from the disco stage; stylishly dressed men and women dance to each other without stagnation for a second, keeping up with the rhythm of the music. You hear the saxophone and trumpet melodies in the fonda, and the drum rhythm is a must. This dance is still a pleasurable hobby for those who have a blood on their feet. Here are all the curious about the swing dance;
1. The emergence of dance dates back to the early 1930s when swing music spread in the United States
2. Swing music is one of the most famous jazz streams and has a comfortable rhythm of eight notes3. The most used instruments are drums, violas, drums and saxophones
4. Lindy Hop is the most known member of the family of swing dances and there are quite characteristic movements such as lifting the dancer, blowing it across the leg, bouncing it or throwing it
5. Lindy Hop dance, although it appears in Harlem known as the heart of the jazz, takes its style from European and African …