which fish to eat which month?

Fish, one of the innumerable blessings that nature offers us. It consumes a wide variety of fish species from sea to sea and from season to time. Humanity is known to have a very important place in human nutrition since more recently than in its history. There are countless researches on the nutritious values it contains today. Especially omega-3 has made the fish a heart-friendly food.

Which fish type of course is more sensible in terms of food and nutrition and taste?

As you know, it is possible to consume any fish, even if it is not in season, together with developing cold storage units. However, according to experts, frozen fish does not lose much value from its content, yet it is not as if it is fresh out of the sea. This is true of the flavor.

It is recommended to eat fish at least twice a week. At the same time, the fish must be consumed in the cupboard without being caught. It should be done as received. Annual consumption per capita in our country is very low compared to most countries with 8 kilograms. In fact, it is possible to buy fresh fish at very economical prices in season. For this reason, in which season the fish comes out which is very important for this reason. In the months when the supply-demand balance equates to a lot of fish, that fish falls into an economic fiasco. Let's take a look at which fish is kept in which month to eat fresh fish throughout the season and to find cheap fish on the other hand.

Sea food

As you know, the fishing season, which ends on April 15th, starts again on September 1st. This gives them an opportunity to feed the fish. So let's start our calendar from September.

September: With the conclusion of the fishing ban, fishermen turn to the sea. This period is more time for our favorite anchovy in our country. On the fishermen's boats, their first harvest begins with an acorn. Although it is necessary to wait for October for full amalgamation, it is the first fish we see on the counter. It is known by various names according to the size of the bonito which is very rich in terms of oil ratio. In our country we usually see the species of Palamut vonosu (12-16 cm), chestnut palmette (16-22 cm), gypsy palm (22-28 cm) on the counter. Especially gypsy acorn is a fish that is kept in a lot of cold storage, so be careful when you take it. Bonito is a highly fatty fish with a high nutritional value. Although the prices are high in September, loupe is another type of fish that we can see.
October: The bonito has now become very large and much caught. When a fish-eating fish season is opened with bonito, a more economical feast compared to September can take bonito abundantly. It is both bigger, more nutritious and cheaper. Thus, in october, bonito is the head corner of the table. On the one hand, the loupe is plentiful and cheap. For this reason, it should be taken when there is a suitable fiyata for this fish which is very delicious. Anchovy and horse mackerel have taken their place. You can fill your house with delightful flavors with a fresh martini. You need to wait a little longer for anchovies.

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