where is pearl harbor?

Pearl Harbor,

It is a port on the island of Hawaii, the last state in the United States that has been included in the 50 states of North America. In other words, this place is a world famous region and it is the cause that causes II. It is attacked by Japan during World War II. II. While the United States did not join the war during World War II, it was the first time in its history that an attack on its territory took place. This attack was made by the Japanese on the other side of the Pacific. Japan's airplanes attacked the island in the air and caused a massive devastation. After this attack, the country immediately crossed against the Japanese and started fighting. Actually, although America fights with the Japanese, it is only in the Pacific. It is not officially involved in World War II. However, the Germans, who were aware of the situation, declared war on the United States to attract the Japanese to their side. This is naturally the country II. It was enough to be involved in World War II. In fact, it was recorded as the biggest strategic mistake made by the Germans. The Japanese attack on the island and the serious destruction of the United States navy has led the island to a worldwide reputation.

Speaking in Pearl Harbor or in Turkish, "Pearl Harbor" is a must. World War II as well as II. It has been used as one of the most important military centers of the country after World War II and continues to be used. Pearl Harbor, which currently serves as the base for the Pacific for the United States, is a particularly important place in the navy. This is where the United States of America attacked its territory on September 11, 2001, before the attack on the territory of the country. This attack was carried out on December 7, 1941 by the Japanese Empire, one of the most important forces of the time. This attack, which has been found to be extremely effective, has reduced the Americans to horror and has started to hate the Japanese in a very different way. So much so that the revenge of this attack was taken by atomic bombs that were left to the Japanese cities in a very heavy and disproportionate manner. The atomic bombs were left to Hiroshima, one of Japan's most important settlements.

Despite this terrifying experience, Americans who did not slow down left other bombs to Nagasaki. In this respect, Americans were retaliated by Pearl Harbor. The Japanese have lived through the effects of the atom bomb for decades, and have caused a genetic problem for thousands of people other than the loss of life in the region. Because of this attack, physical and mental disorders have been seen in the new generations born during the generations.

It is also a fact that there is still a number of radiation in the region. Over 70 years later, the effects of the attack are still visible. In Pearl Harbor, however, such a situation did not extend to daylight. To reach Pearl Harbor, it will be enough to reach Honolulu, Hawaii's most important city. You can get an opportunity to see the American Navy on this count. A Hollywood film about the attack on Pearl Harbor was filmed. The film is called "Pearl Harbor" because of the region where the attack took place. In this film, Ben Affleck and Kate Backinsale share the lead.


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