what is serap?

As far as seeing the mirage, everybody feels overwhelmed by the movies in their minds, especially when the person in the juncture sees images like a lake in a huge area covered with trees, maybe trees, or even a pile of water. This is called "oasis". In fact, seeing the mirage is not that intense. However, it is normal that it looks like a puddle of water.

In fact, the mirage is a trick with the rays the human perceives. For this reason, it disappears as the water puddle that we think we see in the heat is approaching. However, an important point here needs to be emphasized. When we think of an eye misunderstanding, we should not be thinking that seeing a mirage is a fantasy and not a situation that does not exist. In this case we are not mistaken minds, atmosphere. A mirage is a matter that is especially hot in the sea and in the sea, because the air is very hot and it seems to be in the wrong place or different, and as a result, it is atmospheric conditions. As is known, the warming air expands and expands due to the low density, the cold air shrinks, its density decreases and it collapses downward. Therefore, reduce the intensity of hot air from cold air. The junction of these two air layers sees a lens lens. Light travels faster than cold air in warmer air with less condensation. Therefore, the light rays approaching the hot plate at a low angle will be broken into the colder air above. The result of this fracture is the appearance of a dull glow, which is perceived as a reflection of the water surface.

On a hot, sunny day, asphalt roads absorb significant amounts of solar energy, which is cold and overheated. Asphalt heats the air in contact with the road surface by conduction (heat transfer from high to low temperature). However, since the air is a poor thermal conductor, the heat conduction in this way is limited to a layer close to the surface. Therefore, the cooler air is slightly higher than the ground, ie it forms a thin layer of warm air (close to the atmospheric surface) near the road surface. It must already be a few millimeters thick for this air layer to emerge. On hot days, the roads exposed to this atmospheric appearance seem wet. Especially on very hot days it does not escape the attention that this illusion is more intense. The reason why the path looks like this is that the light that passes through layers of air at different densities reaches our eyes by breaking up the light.

As you get closer to the mirror image, the narrowing starts and disappears when it gets closer. This is due to the fact that the viewing angle gradually grows, and the angle of refraction of the light that breaks upward in hot air is too small to see a reflection.

If the air near the serigal is warmer than the air at the upper level, the objects appear to be lower and (often) reversed from their position. Such mirrors are called low mirrors. The rays of light entering the hot, less dense air on the surface are broken upwards and reach by reaching the lower levels (ground level). Our perception of the brain appears to be reversed, just as these rays of light reaching our eyes come from the bottom of the earth's surface. Some of the rays coming from the top of the tree come through the air at about the same intensity, and for this reason there is very little breakage. Because these rays reach the pond directly, the tree appears flat. It is therefore possible that both the tree itself and the inverted state appear together, apart from a certain distance. In this latter case it is important that the size of the tree and the observer are comparable.

Miraculous events occur not only in very hot regions but also in very cold regions. In polar regions, the air above snow-covered areas is very cold compared to the air above. The cold air is much more crowded, so the light from distant objects is broken to near normal. As a result, the far object appears above its true position. Such ceremonies are called high ceremonies.

This eye illusion can be photographed. The existence of a wide variety of photographs in this subject objectively presents us the mirrors that can be seen in many different forms.


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