what is embraer?

Embraer S.A. is a Brazilian aviation and aerospace engineering based aircraft manufacturing company. The company is known for its commercial, military and agricultural inland aircraft production. The headquarters of the company are in Sao Jose dos Campos, Sao Paulo. Other competitors on the market are Airbus and Boeing. But Embraer's number one competitor is Canadian plane maker Bombardier. Bombardier and Embraer are two companies that produce aircraft in the same class. Even though there is a fierce competition between these two companies, Embraer is an aircraft supplier who is ahead of Bomdardier.

Embraer was a local service company in the era when it was founded and found itself in the developing aviation market. Embraer started to find its place in the international market by evaluating the investments made by the Brazilian government in the 1940's and 50's. Until 1969, Embraer was operating as a Brazil-based company. In other words, the company was the owner of the Brazilian state. It was serving in a limited capacity, not yet privatized. Despite its limited capacity, however, it was able to meet almost all of Brazil's needs due to its national needs. In the 1970s he became CEO of Embraer who was personally appointed by the Brazilian authorities.

This person, named Ozires Silva, immediately began working on a plan without losing any time. The Brazilian state wanted Silva to produce a turboprop aircraft when she brought the relative. They even gave financial support to this issue until the end. Silva then designed the Embraer EMB 110 Bandeirante and played a major role in the design and production of the plane. This seemed to be a very important achievement. Embraer produced a commercial passenger plane; this design, which also means a celebrity for a developing country worldwide, was initially used for domestic flights and the absence of any technical malfunction helped Embraer to open up the international market. Many of the aircraft produced at that time, especially McDonnell Dougles, were caused by fatal accidents. Embraer could fly these planes right without accident.

The EMB 110 Bandeirante, produced in 175-Embraer1975, has been in the domestic market for about 10 years. Other countries that have seen the situation in the Brazilian domestic market have stolen the embraer's door too soon. Embraer then received his first order in 1985. The unstoppable rise of Embraer, which delivered the plane shortly afterwards, also started on this track. Announcing the name of the world's best small aircraft supplier, Embraer has been producing planes for airline giants like Lufthansa, Air France, KLM. During this period Embraer produced and sold 2,500 aircraft over a period of 25 years, making a rapid entry into the world market. Despite making aircraft, Embraer, who preferred to stay abstentious about engine production, was either buying them through companies such as General Motors, Rolce Royce, or helping the motor manufacturer to connect with the company that sold his plane.

Although we emphasized that Embraer is generally a successful company, the company changed hands in 1994. Embraer, whose plane orders declined due to the crisis in this period, was settled and this was eventually bought by another company. However, the company had to sign a contract not to change the name of the company it bought. At this point, the Brazilian state has managed to safeguard all its rights while privatizing Embraer. This is seen as a very useful step. The company's production capacity has almost doubled as a result of this privatization.
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