what is dog training?

Many animals that want to own pets are primarily dogs; but this will also bring many responsibilities to dog owners. First of all, it will be right to own an animal once you are sure that all your needs will be fulfilled without interruption. It is also important for the communication between the dog and the proprietor, as well as being a responsibility for the dog owners, to provide education, as well as many other necessities such as meeting the needs for accommodation, cleaning, feeding, health checks, showing interest and affection. It is only possible to establish a common communication path between people and animals who speak two different languages, but only if the dogs are trained and their owners are informed. It is also necessary to be able to establish good communication with them.

Why should dogs be trained?

After you own a dog; fulfillment of needs such as nutrition, marriage and cleaning does not mean that all responsibilities are fulfilled. Like every living thing, dogs also need to have an affection, a love, and affection. For this reason, the interest and love for the dog, which is already an emotional animal, must also be shown. One of the responsibilities that you have to undertake against dogs is dog training. Dog owners should share the same habitat as their dog, and teaching the basic rules to the dog in a common living space will make the environment a more livable area for dog owners. The most appropriate example for this would be dog training. A toilet-trained dog will learn where and when to wash his toilet and learn to keep his toilet. This will not bring extra obligations for dog owners, and hygiene in the home will also be provided. Apart from that, dogs need to be inclined to understand the commands given and to be able to fulfill them. So he will learn to do what his owner wants and not to do what he does not want. In short, all the training given to the dog will make him a good friend at the same time.

In order for dogs to have the most accurate communication between dog owners and dogs, dogs must pass through some training. At the same time, awareness of dog owners and their dog training will make this communication easier. Thus, two live species, completely different from each other, will be able to agree on a common ground and play a facilitating role in a common life. The point to note in dog training is that you need to get support from professional trainers. Experts say dog ​​behavior habits are difficult to change over time. They also state that the unconscionable wrongdoing should not be taken for granted that it may be traumatic. For this reason, dogs will be trained through expert dog instructors.
Obedience Trainings

Obedience training allows dogs to understand and fulfill the commands given. Obedience training is generally divided into basic obedience and advanced obedience training. In their basic obedience training; sit, yacht, get up, wait, go, come and listen to the basic commands such as listening to the owner's speech, and these trainings are given while the dog is leash. In advanced obedience training, unlike basic obedience training, more commands are taught and trainings are given in dog training. In addition, guardianship training is given, such as not eating food from a foreigner, or going to a foreigner.

Socialization Education

One of the trainings given to the dogs other than obedience training and toilet training is socialization training. The purpose of socialization training is; when the dog is taken out of the way, in parks or on the roads to prevent extreme and disturbing reactions to people, children or other animals, it is provided to prevent aggressive behavior and to protect the emotional health of the dogs. Thus, dogs that are completely different from human nature are adapted to human life.

One of the points to be noted in dog training is the beginning of training at an early age. It is stated that dog training is the first training to be given to dogs and it is stated that bodyguard and guard dog training to be given according to obedience trainings, socialization trainings or dog use areas should be given by expert dog instructors at earliest. It is also stated that training should not be started on the basis of false information obtained from unhealthy sources before the training of the dogs, because the trainings to be given according to the races and breeds of the dogs are different.


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