what are dry mouth benefits?

The prune is one of the miraculous fruits of nature. It contains minerals such as B1, B2, B3, B6, A, C, E and iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium and magnesium in abundance. Rich in fiber, the prunes are rich in antioxidant properties and the vitamin C it contains, which protects the body against diseases and helps increase the resistance of the body, while increasing the absorption of iron from the food. Prunes, which help the digestive system thanks to the fibers, help to keep the body's blood sugar in balance with the glycemic index feature, even though it is a sweet fruit, and it is the recommended fruit to be eaten on dietary lists because it creates a feeling of satiety for those on the diet. A prune is about 9 calories. Thanks to the calcium it contains, it is particularly beneficial for bone disorders seen in women. The dried plum, which helps to remove toxins from the body, is also a good diuretic. Helps reduce the risk of heart problems thanks to antioxidants, prunes, at the same time cancers, aging, eye health, blood pressure and kidney diseases to help aid.

In the investigations carried out, high amounts of phytonutrients were found in the crusts of the dried ripe, so it is advisable to thoroughly wash them and consume them with their shells. Because it is a blood sugar balancer, it can eat between meals. If desired, the water can be drunk before meals, it is good for skewness. Marmalade, pulp, compost can be consumed. 100 gr prunes can meet 16% of vitamin C daily and 6% of fiber requirement. The body will feel good when 3-4 plums per day are regularly sunk.

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