tiger dogfish

Common Name: Tiger Dogfish

Scientific Name: Galeocerdo cuvier

Family: Carcharhinidae

Team: Carcharhiniformes

Dimensions: They generally range from 3 to 4,3 m, ranging from 385 to 635 kg. The declared maximum height is 7.4 m and the weight is 3.110 kg.

Physical Properties: The nose is wide and smooth. In his big mouth are saw-like teeth. There is a pattern on the gray body that evokes a dark tiger pattern. These patterns are more prominent in young people, together with age. The abdomen is white, the upper lobe of the tail face is wide and very strong.

Lifeline: The number of puppies varies between 11 and 82. The puppy remains in the womb for 12-13 months, the newborns are 51-102 cm in length.

Nutrition Style: It is quite varied, it places everything that can be beat. They also swallow things that can not be renewed. These include: bottles, tin cans, metal pieces, car tires, money, clothes, boats, coal and even explosives. Sometimes this kind of ocean trash can is mentioned.

Living Area: It lives in areas up to 140 m deep near the shore, but it has been reported that it can go down to 305 m and deeper. They are usually found on the surface, in river mouths and in sea lagoons, maybe in open oceanic openings, but not in a real ocean.

Distribution on the Earth: They are mostly dispersed in the tropics and temperate waters but they are not found in the Mediterranean.

Tiger dogfish is one of the most dangerous dogfish species. Besides, it can be hypnotized. It gets heavy and calm when the transa passes. Of course, first of all, it is necessary to turn your dog over his back, which is not an easy task.

They are generally aggressive, but they are also dangerous to people because they are not selective about eating. It places everything that can be, people are in this category. The tiger sharks are almost a leash of attack ligaments, but the great blessa (Carcharadon carchariasi) has won the first place. Big white attacks are more in number, but the tiger dog's attacks are more deadly.

The main cause of deadly attacks lies in the style of attack. The big white bites and releases the prey, then returns for the second bite, but the tiger attacked the dogfish and the pieces continued to crack, just like a saw. As a result, it does not leave a gap in the prey to allow for escape.

Attackers come either from the bottom of the game or from the surface of the water. In the second case, the dog takes his head out of the water and looks around. He does this to look for hunting or to look before hunting. The big white dogfish is one of the few sharks that made this move.

Bad Feeling Pleasure

The fact that the tiger dog has a wide variety of dietary habits and is not selective in taste results in eating what he often can not digest. For example, we can give the turtle shell. In this case, it pisses objects that the dog can not digest. This feature is not only seen in the tiger dog but it is a factor that allows it to eat everything.


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