place and importance of endorphin in psychology

Morphine is naturally found in the brain of endorphin. There is no exaggeration to say that it is an anesthetic 1000 times stronger than morphine. There is also a sister hormone that is encephalic. Enkephalin is found only in the brain of endorphins found in the spinal cord.
Endorphinin is the most important duty to ensure that we receive the other is to motivate the passage of sleep. But the main function is delicious, with all the addictions that underlie the secretion of endorphin and the secretion of the person, the person also creates a huge relief of serenity and pleasure. Endorphin also has an analgesic effect, endorphin and morphine have the same effects. When the endorphin is secreted, the pupils show decreased drowsiness and come to constipation and you can recognize them by looking at the eyes of heroin addiction.
Endorphinin is an analgesic that not only works on physical pain, but also on psychological pain. Your love has abandoned you and you have a great love story. Here, endorphin also affects such heart pains Well, because people have different endorphin systems, everyone's psychogenic pain is the same If the endorphin system or the endorphin-binding receptors are lower than the normal, the affection can become unbearable if it is lower than normal people. On the other hand, the pain system allows you to share the suffering of our opponent. This is called empathy.This is why all painkillers perceive stress and the psychogenic pain of the other person corrupts.
How can we change the effect of endorphins in the brain?

When your friend tells you that it is not good to focus so much in your body that you have missed too much and that you say it's just a gas, if you rely on your friend, the pain will be alleviated, but again in the same case, your friend tells you that your pain may not have been normal appendicitis, it is very likely that this time it will become more intense or I will put an extremely strong painkiller in it, but I will tell you have extended with a normal liquid mouth and when you drink this water, your pain will likely pass or lighten in short, while a positive suggestion increases endorphin, Why does this mechanism work?If we persuade the dorsolontal prefrontal cortex, our center of consciousness, the neuronal nerves in this region extend to the spinal cord, where endorphin and enkephalin are secreted, which reduces pain.

Another way to increase endorphins is to hug them and touch them. In contact with the body of the person, the massage accelerates the release of endorphin in the body. This connection with evolution is also relaxed by touching the mud, and couples get closer and motivation for mating increases. Again, the body is contacted by the water to take a shower to provide endorphin secretion


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