misvak tree and benefits

The Latin name is Salvadora persica, which is a species of MisVak tree belonging to the family of Salvadoraceae. The root is about 7,000 years old. Its predecessor was used by the Babylonians and later by Greek and Egyptian civilizations.

The misvak tree, a steppe plant, loves salty soils. It grows in the steppe lands of Asian and African continents. They are small, bushy trees. The misvak tree, which is easy to move, is also pleasant smelling. The wood of Miswak's tree has a fibrous structure. The leaves are mutual and dense.

The fruit of the miswak tree, also known as the Erak tree, is called "kebas". It consists of clusters resembling grape clusters. In the size of chickpeas, there is a small hard kernel in the fruit. The fruit starts to turn green. When time goes by, it becomes red. In this case there is a bitter taste. As it matures, it becomes dark and sweet.

These tree branches are used to cut teeth. Miswak, which is very useful for cleaning teeth, is also very useful in preventing gum diseases. It provides effective cleaning in the mouth. The contents are quite rich;

Silicium: It removes stains, provides whitening of the teeth.

Vitamin C: Helps heal the tissues.

Sodium: It allows the micros to die.

Tannin acid: Prevents inflammation of the gums. It reduces the plaque and prevents it from forming.

Resin: Creates a layer on the toothbrush and prevents cavities.

Mustard oil: Antiseptic.

Chloride: Prevents stone formation.

It is cut into 4 cm length pieces for easy use. Rinse with a cutting tool about two inches. Thus, the fibers appear. The fibers are kept in hot water for a while to soften. It will be more beneficial to choose rose water. Since rose water is a tonic effect, it will kill and clear the parasites. The fibers are kept until they dissolve like a brush. It can also be disassembled with the help of a knife. The effect and taste will decrease as you use it. When the fibers are broken, the old part is cut and can be used again by carving. The teeth are applied in a more or less upright fashion without pressing too much. Both the teeth and the tongue can be brushed effectively.

There are other benefits besides benefits to mouth cleaning. Misvak oil relaxes the body when it is applied with the help of massage to joint aches. The juice has an appetizing character. The fruit juice is boiled and cleans the urinary tract for drinking. There is also a stress-reducing feature of the MisVak extract.


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