makeup suggestions for brides

The choice of makeup of each skin should be different. Each makeup material does not match any skin color. This definition is not suitable for dark-skinned ladies, while wheat-tanned ladies easily carry over each make-up material. There are some special make-up methods that have to be applied to the soles specially. In addition, dark hair has a distinctive feature in makeup. This means that the facial lines of those who have dark hair come out more, but this tone makes makeup more distinctive.

Choice of foundation: For darker skin, it is hard to choose a foundation. Foundations, which are a very rich product range, sometimes mislead ladies. To select the foundation correctly, the percentage color matching should be sought. It is a totally wrong practice to wear the foundation that comes from the mistakes that the ladies made. You should try the foundation on a percentage basis and look at it in harmony with the face color.

Choice of blush: You need to choose the appropriate blush among the ways of make-up. Blushes become one of the ways to complete makeup. Among the shades of blush that the brunettes can use; red and peach shades or sparkling bronzes. It is not recommended that brunettes use pink shampoo.

Headlight selection: For brunette, the headlight options offer a wide range of alternatives. Esmerlere is one of the most appropriate tones; coffee tones, gold colors, sparkling colors and bright pink and red colors. Apart from this, eye pencils and eyeliner are also important. Especially the eyeliner, which should be driven in a dominant way, will be a detail that will enable the brunettes to reveal their eyes.

Lipid selections: It is important to note that brunettes are very fortunate to choose lipstick. The brunettes, who will carry almost every lipstick successfully, have a wide range of alternatives in this regard. Especially; dark red tones, burgundy colors, brown tones will look great on the brunette. Brunettes can also carry easily with glittering lipstick. Alone; Like pink-colored blushes, light pink lipsticks do not fit the brunette. Except for this light lipstick pink tone, brunettes can easily use every ton of ruby ​​they want.

This is how the brunettes make up their makeup. Noting that brunettes have an oily skin, it is worth noting that makeup materials should be selected accordingly.


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