infertility and obesity

Obesity, which has become one of the biggest problems of our age due to changing eating habits, is a problem in itself and brings many health problems together. While heart and vascular diseases are at the forefront, cancer and infertility are also listed. Anyway, turning overweight to obesity, which affects sexual life, can turn into a big problem like infertility.

Obesity Increases the Likelihood of Abortion

Women suffering from overweight problems are very difficult to get pregnant compared to those obtained from scientific research done on excessive pounds that have many probing gates. Even if the woman with the problem of obesity gets pregnant, her pregnancy may result in a low birth rate. That's why the secretion of hormones is different. Hormones with different rates of release in women and men can change abnormally if the person is obese. This both causes the woman to stop the process of getting pregnant and causes pregnancies after the miscarriage.

Ten Kilos Increase Percentage Infertility

According to the studies done, the imbalance in the body weight index causes the infertility in the man. An infertility rate is higher for a man with increased fat. According to findings from health units in America, a man increases his body's ten kilos of excess fat by ten percent. Surveys on the samples, however, show that the testosterone level of men who weigh more is 24 percent lower than those who weigh less. Obese men can up to 26%.

Constraint Causes Artificial Fertilization

We are making use of technology to ensure that spouses have children when our time progresses. The biggest of these technologies is undoubtedly the tube baby. Through this method, thousands of couples have become dreams and have children. The danger of obesity also emerges as a dangerous situation in the artificial fertilization technique. According to findings from researches on about 6,000 artificial fertilization, the rate of conception with artificial insemination was about 30% in normal weight women and only 22% in obese women with high body weight. Therefore, one of the first recommendations of doctors who want to have children from the normal roads and want to have children with tube baby technology is that the couples lose weight.


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