how to make hot compress?

Whatever the cause of pain, sprains, stiffness, stress, restlessness, or muscle cramps, a simple warm compress will reduce your pain. In this article, we will tell you a few effective ways of doing hot compress at home.

Note: Add a few drops of essential oil to the water you use for compressing. This pain relief from the swelling will help.
Hot compresses the blood vessels, thus increasing blood circulation. At the same time, inflammation is reduced and faster healing is achieved and encourages the cessation of pain. Although you can find electric compressors or heating pads in any pharmacy, it is always safer and easier to use the homemade hot compress. Your hot compress body can be used in multiple parts of your body such as eyes, chin, face, ears, arms and legs. It can also be used for a wide range of diseases such as shallots, headache, burns, cysts and swelling.

If you choose to use hot compress for acne, acne or cyst, make sure you wash the cloth or material with disinfectants. This will prevent any infection related to spreading.

Before I Begin I will remember a few things:

- The compressor should not be heated for more than a minute.
-Don't keep hot compresses in the same place for too long. For this reason, change your position gently in a few minutes.
- Remove the compressor when you are uncomfortable.
-Don't use hot compress directly on acute swells, but before use a cold compress.
Do not apply hot compresses on open wounds and seams, especially if you are suffering from diabetes or poor blood circulation.

How to Make Hot Compress?
-Microwave oven:

1. Moisten a cloth lightly and gently squeeze excess water.
2. Fold the cloth neatly and place it in the locked microwave cooking bag.
3. Place the bag in the microwave oven and set it high for 30-60 seconds.
4. Using a tong, place the bag on a thin towel or pillow case.
5. Thoroughly wrap the towel around the pillowcase to prevent the bag from slipping.
6. Apply hot compress to affected area.
7. Lift the towel every 8 to 10 minutes so that your skin does not burn.


1. Heat a dry pan over the stove.
2. Take a thick cloth and fold it.
3. Rub the warm cloth for about one minute with the cloth folded gently. The heat of the ceiling will pass to the cloth.
4. Remove the bezier from the pan and lightly touch your fingers to see its warmth.
5. If the temperature is appropriate, use the liner directly on the affected area. If the cloth is too hot, first place it in a thinner towel.

-Hot Compressor for Stack:

1. Wash your hands with soap before proceeding. This will prevent contamination of any microbes on the compressor.
2. Prepare hot water in a stove, kettle or microwave oven.
3. Soak a soft cloth with this water.
4. Slowly place excess water on the tight and bulbous eye.
5. Repeat this process every few minutes to keep it warm.

- Hot Water Bottle:

1. Wrap a wet cloth around a hot water bottle.
2. Close your eyes and place your face. This will keep the cloth warm longer.


-Rice Hot Compression:

1. Place a booklet over a glass of glass. Make sure that the mouth of the sock is wide enough to pour the rice and that the sock is not punctured.
2. Carefully pour the rice into the sack.
3. Knot the end of the sock so that none of the rice is spilled.
4. Place the knotted brass compressor in the microwave oven and heat it for 40-45 seconds. The timing may vary depending on the size of the brass compressor and the power of the microwave oven. For this reason, set the timing well.
5. Remove the brass compressor microwave from the heat. Carefully check the temperature of the shed. If it is too hot, shake it around for a few seconds to evenly distribute the heat. This will help cool you down to the temperature you need.

When it comes to your eyes or sensitive areas, you should be extra careful about the temperature. Be careful not to apply the same region for a long time in order not to cause burns. Consult your doctor first to apply any kind of home prescription including hot compress.

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