how should the maintenance and painting of the marine craft be done?

A sailboat or motorboat that drifts over the sea in a sunny and sparkling air allows us to breathe by moving away from the stress of a tiring working life. Especially in summer, these boats must be equipped with equipment and engine maintenance before going down to the sea at the beginning of summer. Besides this, one of the works that needs to be done is to paint the craft with care.

Boats are made of plastic (fiber-epoxy), hair or wood. Boats made especially of hair and wood require more maintenance.

These layers, which have climatic conditions, seawater, constant wetting and drying, and waterproofing properties such as putty, lining and paint on the sunshine, gradually over time cause the space and the craft to gradually lose resistance and lead to retirement.

The part of the machine which is constantly in contact with the water is called the façade, while the part that appears on the water is called the façade. Decks, beds, toilets and kitchens are also called cabins. Large boats also contain drinking water tanks, bilge tanks for oil and water mixtures of machines. All of these sections require maintenance separately. Boats that are not periodically maintained are subject to decay and opening over time.

Carina and façade are the parts that require the most care. Algae, dirt and seashells sticking to the carina prevent the machine from slipping on the water and cut the speed. For this reason, these materials should be removed by scraping. According to the formation of fiber, hair or wood, the surface is cleaned and putty, primer and lastly toxic paint is applied. Toxic dyes prevent bacteria from sticking underneath the craft.

The façade part which is in contact with the water continuously due to the water entering and leaving in the rainy sea should be cleaned in the same way and the swollen parts should be etched and painted after putting and lining process.

The part that reveals all the beauty of the teknen is the bord. The color of the paint to be selected for dyeing the line must match or be contrasted with the façade. A colorful strip that will be placed between the façade and the board will make it look better.

Boat decks are usually made from natural deciduous trees. For this reason, varnish is used instead of paint on the deck. The area to be varnished is refreshed at least twice with a quality varnish to be selected after thoroughly sanding.


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