how do we understand that water is lime?

Water is a source of life. If there is no water, life will not happen. It gives life and human life. All life functions take place with water. A person should consume 2 liters of water a day. Water is consumed from different sources. Waters consumed from fountains and packed waters ready for use. The waters flowing through the fountain are usually lime. Calcined water is mineralized water. It is usually possible to understand that the water is lime-colored, from deposits on the kettle, from deposits on the heater, from stains on the sink. As the water boils, the insoluble compounds in it form lime. Water in some regions is lime, while water in some regions is less lime. If the lime water is thought to cause damage to the machines, it can also harm the body indirectly and in time. It is equivalent to the ratio of the harmful substances that the calcee can give.
Calcined water is hard water. Bacteria are formed at places where the watery calf accumulates. In addition, this lime scale damages the washing machine, the water pipes, the water heaters, the combi boiler. Shortening the life of these items also causes energy loss.
The lime formed in the pots, in the heaters, in the bathtubs, in the washbasins, in the toilets gets a yellowish color and is only cleaned with the help of the lime solvent. Rather than dissolving the lime with chemical products, lime can be removed with water. In addition, the lime that accumulates in the cooking utensils causes the generation of microplanes over time, and the microspheres pass through the human body and cause diseases.

The effect of detergents is reduced when cleaning with lime water. This makes cleaning laundry and dishwashing more difficult. The laundry hardens and the softener has to be used for the softness of the laundry. In addition, lime removers are used to prevent damage to the machines. This water has negative effects on the skin. It closes the pores in the skin, hardens the skin, the hardening skin ages faster and wrinkles increase. The ends of the hair washed with limy water are broken and appear matt. Over time, the hair becomes hard.
Consuming lime water is also indirectly damaging to human health because the calcium and magnesium entering the body together with the water are stored so that stones form in the kidneys and liver and the veins become clogged.
People who drink constantly hard water are more nervous. Today, there are systems that treat limy water. It is possible to drink water without liming. Only water flowing in the machines and cleaning is used. There is no such theory that lime water is non-smokable, and there are even experts who think this water is healthy. As a result, if there is no water, there is no life. It is necessary to pay attention to water consumption for health. The body should take back water as much as the body spends in the day. Also, care should be taken to ensure that the water is clean, odorless
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