green energy: biogas

In this article you will find out about the impact of energy types, my country and the whole human population, and basic information about biogas, a renewable energy source, where our country is biogas.

If there is a concept about everything that comes to mind in your life, it is also energy. Without energy nothing will come to you. Not only is our presence sufficient, but we have all heard the concept of "necessary energy". In order for an action to take place there is a specific energy to drive friction, stabilizing forces, or the activation energy required for a chemical reaction to take place. So you have to have more than a certain energy limit even if you are going to get up from the chair. In fact, this is the case even for sitting in a chair. We can tell the importance of energy by these examples in our daily life. But energy is undoubtedly much more significant in large dimensions. The energy sources used in your city affect the quality of the air in your city, the vegetation cover. Energy investments in the country affect production costs, product prices, employees' salaries, in short, the country's economy. We started from the city, we went to the country, or the humanity that emerged when we removed the borders of the country? How does energy affect humanity? Undoubtedly, the greatest destruction arising from the unconscious use of energy is hitting mankind. We lose the return of our world beyond the salaries of workers in our country, in the air of your city. Okay but why?

In order to understand the cause of this loss, we have to go to the source. The biggest problem that arises from the acquisition or improper use of energy from the wrong sources is the depletion of global warming and energy resources. Sources of energy that are very important in life are not unlimited. It would be more correct to say that; the energy resources that are widely used in the world are not unlimited. For example, oil and its derivatives, natural gas is limited. But solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy, biogas energy is unlimited. The energy of the bizarre unlimited energy sources is far less than that of the limited energy sources. So we both produce technologies according to the limited ones and also according to the most harmful.

Apart from these sources, there is also an energy source which requires high cost, advanced technology and qualified specialists. Nuclear energy has just started to enter the agenda of our country. We can not say that our people, who are affected by Chernobyl disaster, look at this energy type warmly. But besides this, it is not possible to say that the damages of the transverse benefits of nuclear energy are discussed.

After the energy, its effects and its sources, let's meet with the biogas energy which is a very unknown source of energy which is my writing matter.

When you meet with a biog, you will say "come on dear." Today's biogas provides you with a basic technology to generate energy equivalent to other sources from plant-animal wastes. So you will both get rid of your scraps and generate energy. Moreover, the altered raw material from production can be used in agriculture as a liquid fertilizer, and you do not need to change the technology you already use to use the biogas produced. Because biogas methane and natural gas are very similar.

Currently, there are biogas plants already in operation in our country that are not well known. Some of them were established by private enterprises and some by municipalities.

Biogas production facility in Kocaeli

Solea energy company; He opened a production facility in Kayseri, Konya and Elazığ. As a municipality:
-Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality
-The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality
-Adana Metropolitan Municipality (from garbage)
-Ankara Metropolitan Municipality (Landfill)
-Bursa Metropolitan Municipality
-Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality
-Isparta Municipality

Our country is very much in the world in terms of theoretical and practical aspects of biogas. Biogas, which is used as a source of energy even in low-tech villages in India in China, is not even produced in our country yet.

Fixed domed biogas plant used in villages in China

And although we have too much animal and vegetable waste to produce biogas. Although we do not take natural gas from abroad and turn it into electricity and give it to our industry. High production cost, high price, despite low salaries. Green energy is biogas to my country, and more importantly if it can contribute more to the whole humanity.

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