9 great towns through canal

The world is full of many beauties. Cities are in a state of racing with their beauty all over the world. There are artificial beauties as well as natural beauties. Man-made channels have been made for commercial purposes and to increase the popularity of the city. These artificial artifacts that make the cities interesting attract tourists and contribute to the dazzling glitter of the city in a material sense. Human beings have continued their lives by establishing living spaces beside natural beauties. There are channels of many countries around the world. However, because of the policies and channels imposed by people or by those who manage it, they have not been able to make a contribution to the city and the people. Let's examine these factors together to make life easier and more beautiful. Here, let's take a look at 10 beautiful places in the world with canals between cities.


The first thing that comes to mind in Amsterdam is undoubtedly the channels that pass through the city. The shape of these channels seems to be a reflection of the past moon. On the banks of the canals, people built houses to keep their lives alive. The state has established its own public institutions around the channels. The artificial and natural channels passing through Amsterdam have transformed the city into a classical beauty. Traveling with chairs on the canals, sitting on the small benches where you can chat around the channels is considered to be invaluable pleasure for the people. The wooden bridges built on the channels have been enhanced by reinforcing natural beauty. This bridge is also used for photographing people. Due to the fact that the bridges are wooden, the city and the city give an authentic beauty.


Hamburg is Germany's second largest city. Hamburg is the seventh among the world's metropolises, and it is located right next to the Elbe river that flows through the North Sea. Many rivers pass through the city. The beauty of the city is a major factor for many tourists to visit Hamburg as they travel to Germany. Bridges have been established on the channels passing through the city, like the channels in Vienna. The city of Hamburg, the hometown of photography enthusiasts, is carved with memorable beauty.


London, one of the most important centers of the world, has developed a lot in business and economic sense. The population of the city is increasing every passing day. The current population is around 8 million. The city houses many of London's most important historical monuments: Tower Bridge, Parliament Building, London Tower, London Eye, Buckingham Palace. Besides the historical beauty of the city, the Thames river has attracted beauty. The Thames river divides London into two, giving the city an acoustic atmosphere.


As for Paris, capital city and monuments of fashion city, artistic and cultural life come to mind. Paris is one of the most beautiful and developed cities in the world. Built on the Seine River, Paris is also known as the economic center of world history. Paris is known worldwide as "City of Light". Paris, the pioneer of fashion and luxury, has added to its prosperity with the Seine River. The Seine River can be seen as an important symbol of the city.


The most famous city with its canals is, of course, Venice. The city, which is frequently mentioned in movies, games and books, literally gives the right of beauty. It is connected to the Adriatic coast east of northern Italy by four kilometers of railroad and road road bridges. Venice is built on a total of 118 islets and is referred to as an island city. There are many channels in the city of Venice. But the most glorious and most well-known channel is located right in the middle of the city. Bridges have been constructed on the canal which divides the city into two. Many tourists are living with the dream of Venice in order to visit the canals and to live the beauty of the city. It is also known as the love home of lovers. The ducts are the lifeblood of the city. It is also possible to get the natural smell of the city at the same time with the channels which have many activities. The famous channels of the Venetian are of great importance for the development of the city in terms of tourism. The city owes its economic comfort to its famous channels.

St. Petersburg

The city is pretty big. It is known as the 5th biggest city of Europe. St. Petersburg is built on 42 islands. St. As a cultural center of St. Petersburg, it reflects its history very well. The city has been designed in a very subtle and elegant way. The city is quite aesthetic in terms of structure. This beautiful aesthetic is accompanied by many channels through the city. As the city is located on the islands in terms of establishment, the islands are completely natural.


It is known as Westphalia's greatest city. Cologne is considered to be the capital of the most important transportation, science, arts, trade and entertainment center among the states. The city is also important in terms of geographical location. It is at the intersection of air and railway. Cologne divides the city into two parts, the Rhine River. The river, which has made the city more beautiful, has been the focus of many tourists. Cologne's River Rhine, an ideal place to take photographs, has found itself in many films. The river has made a great contribution to the recognition of the city more and more around the world. For this reason, the River Rhine is of great importance for the city.


Heidelberg is a romantic city, which is understandable from the name of the city, who wants to surprise his lover, witness the most beautiful marriage proposals, and can celebrate his wedding anniversary any time. The German nicknamed the city "Wege der Romantik". The city can be described as romance and beauty in love. The city of Heidelberg has been a legend to the language with its beauty that will add happiness to the happiness of couples. The Neckar Palace is right next to the River Neckar which passes through the center of the city. All the beauties are gathered in the city. Heidelberg is as famous worldwide as it is in Almaya. Couples who use channels as a tool believe that they have enhanced their happiness. The city, which must go to love, keeps people together with natural beauty. If you have the opportunity, do not forget to add Heidelberg to the list of places to visit. It may be an opportunity to reinforce your love.


Bangkok is using its channels for intra-city transportation. The surroundings of the channels are covered with green natural beauty. The slum-shaped houses built in the middle of the canals add a different atmosphere to people's lives. Individuals living in slums in the channels have their own private boat. At the same time, those who use their boat as a channel taxi also get financial gain. On benches positioned around the canals, people can spend their time in peace. The channels were used as a living space from the past to the present day. Most of the temples in the city were built right next to the canals. The tropical fruits in the city are usually around the channels. Channels for the city of Bangkok, almost a vital role. The channels of life of the city have indispensable beauty for people.

One of the most striking common features of what we have been following for you is the interest and relevance of people to natural beauty. People need to be artificial, natural beauty is longing. Channels are also recognized as a material resource for people to live their lives while creating a living space for people. These most known channels around the world have become symbols of the city and have helped to be recognized worldwide. The contribution of the cities to the beauty of their hands makes the region more livable to people. It is quite normal that the symbolic areas of the city are channels because people have built their living spaces on channels in general.
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