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Significant discovery in the solar system

According to a report on the website of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), astronomers have reported that the US Space and Aeronautics Office (NASA) has investigated about 50,000 stars and discovered over 80 planets with the Kepler Space Telescope.

The brightest of planets, HD 73344 orbits the orbit of a given star. It was noted that this planet was 10 times larger than Earth's mass and 2.5 times larger than Earth's.

MIT's Ian Crossfield stated that he could think of the other planet as Uranus or a smaller, warmer version of Neptune.

The results of the research were published in The Astronomical Journal.

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Spyware shit in famous games

The adventure software called Red Shell, discovered in PC games like Civilization VI, Elder Scrolls Online, Kerbal Space Program, Hunt: Showdown and Warhammer: Vermentide II, is mixed up.

According to a statement in ShiftDelete, Red Shell actually tells you whether or not you are being exposed to a marketing campaign because of the game you are playing when you install it, and whether the campaign provides you with the purchase of the game. In fact, the software is quite successful in this regard with a degree of accuracy above 98 percent.

In the Frequently Asked Questions section of the Red Shell website, developers are underlined that all data collected is their own and that it is used for quality purposes only. In addition, there is a guarantee that no data is collected, distributed or sold. Also, it is stated that no personal information is gathered about the players. On the other hand, the part where players collect and record information about Internet browsers / computers is a qu…

Conscience beyond law

Is conscience a little beyond the law? Yes, social conscience; far beyond the existing legal system. So are the rights we already have. The current law can often come in the form of restricting our fundamental freedoms. We are unfortunately far from a legal system that internalizes human rights. While the right is our strongest belief, we are subject to the law, something we can bow to. It is important to arrive at this separation in order to translate our life into a desperation. Being right and being aware that it is even more important is making us active and making our system vulnerable.

Right, as a common principle, does not allow for the reduction of social conscience and voice. Civil disobedience comes as a challenge when seeking rights is unanswered in the state mechanism. And this way calls the gathering at the most. It seeks to act in a constructive and responsible manner with social dynamics. This disobedience provides the collective conscience and control of the system esta…

more than an airport; "los angeles international airport"

Los Angeles International Airport is located in Los Angeles, California, in the United States of America, North America. Los Angeles International Airport, one of the world's best airports, has an important position both for the United States and for the countries in the region. Los Angeles International Airport, one of the world's largest active airports with its surface area and traffic capacity, is one of the busiest airports in the United States. Los Angeles International Airport, considered the most important airspace of the state of California, ranks first in terms of traffic intensity among airports in the Pacific region. In the 1980s, no airport in the world had the traffic capacity that Los Angeles International Airport had. Los Angeles International Airport, which has a total of 4 4-way, 8-run tracks, is one of the world's largest airports in this sense.

The Los Angeles International Airport runways, coded as 6L / 24R, 6R / 24L, 7L / 25R, and 7R / 25L, are also…

the world's longest bridge; "millau viaduct"

Millau Viaduct is the most well-known and most popular viaduct in the world. The Millau Viaduct, located in the Millau region of France, the founding member of the European Union, is among the world's most renowned bridges. The reason for this is the length your bridge has. The Millau Viaduct, which is included among the touristic destinations of France, is exactly 343m above the ground. This height is the maximum height. Located on the Gorge Valley, the Millau Viaduct crosses the Tarn River and has a unique view. The Millau Viaduct, located within the European borders, is regarded as the co-production of the French Kingdom, although it is located on the territory of France. Sir Norman Foster, who designed the bridge, is a British. Apart from this, the French civil engineer in the construction of the bridge. Michael Virlogeux is also on duty. This led to the bridge being laid as co-production of France in Briand. As of 2017, the Millau Viaduct is considered to be the 21st highest…

what is emar? how to withdraw?

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MR)
Magnetic Resonance Imaging "Magnetic Resonance Imaging" is a device that records, evaluates and images the movements of hydrogen atoms in the body, thanks to radio frequencies in a powerful magnet environment, without using harmful x-rays.

Radiologic imaging is the most powerful method of resolution.
Magnetic Resonance Imaging was first described by Bloch and Purcell in 1946. Magnetic Resonance Imaging was first used by Lauterbur in 1973. Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Turkey in 1989 in Izmir Dokuz Eylul University Faculty of Medicine has been used. In Magnetic Resonance Imaging, there is no need to use pain medication, allergies or medication.

In which situations is the MR withdrawn?
* On the appearance of soft tissues.
* In those who have found cancer, the disease grade has been determined.
* Older women (all women over 30 years old) have been diagnosed with breast cancer.
* Discomforts related to brain and spinal cord have been detected.
* He…

what are the features of bulldog-type dogs?

Since the past, dogs have shaped the love of animals in large proportions and have been able to live as friends with people in every period of history. Dogs of many different types and structures are dogs that have been given more protection but some dogs are called ornamental dogs among the community.

One of the dog species that has earned the love of people for different purposes and is often friendly to people is bulldog dogs. This dog breed is short, but these dogs have a wide body structure. As compared to other dog species in terms of length, bulldogs are much heavier than most dog species of the same size. This weight is not a condition that limits the possibility of bulldog movement, but bulldogs are extremely mobile and strong dog species. There are many types of bulldogs. These species are American, British and French bulldogs. Early in the 1900's, these dogs were mated with each other and different bulldog species were obtained on this count. Although it is assumed tha…

5 benefits of soda water to stomach diseases

Soda is a suds with sodium carbonate in it. This water is gas. It has been popular in recent years as fruity and sweet, but the beneficial one is simple. It is usually served after meals and next to the Turkish cafeteria. Soda is very useful for health. It contains sodium, magnesium, potassium. These minerals are important for the body. There may not be enough of these minerals in the source, refined or municipal waters. Because the water reaches people after they are cleaned or purified. So, whether or not there is enough minerals in these waters, it can only be the result of clinical tests. Therefore, drinking soda is important in terms of meeting the mineral needs of the body. There is no carbohydrate, protein, fat, fiber and cholesterol in 100 grams of soda.
Soda is a sudden, easily accessible at an affordable price. It is the most useful water after the water and is very economical. As with all food and beverages, most of the damage is minor. It will be enough to drink 1 cup a d…

8 roads of struthen escape

If you are suffering from stomach ache, you should try some of the most relaxing and relaxing activities that will help you solve your problems at your source.

People often think of stress as a concern for purely mental health, but if stress is left unchecked, it can be a source of many physical problems. For example, you may be exposed to diseases such as stomach cramps and reflux.

Throughout history, all people anywhere in the world, knowingly or unknowingly, have practiced and have benefited from many of the most relaxing and relaxing activities in the world. Below are some activities that we think are worth trying.

Forest Banyosu

Put your Mayo and shorts away. The practice of Japanese forest bathing - in short, shinrin-yoku-involves short walks around the forested areas. Going outdoors usually gives you considerable energy and power to cope with stress, relaxes you, but prefer to walk underneath a covered area on your walkways to get rid of the strut. For this reason, try to walk…

what are the dangers and hazards of soft candies?

The soft candies that children love are derived from animal bones that actually do not work. The soft candies, which are usually obtained by stripping from the meat and bones of bovine animals, are created by adding unhealthy environments and various sweeteners. We are giving this extremely harmful production without our children, and actually consuming it without being aware of the danger. Well, this unconsciousness comes from the soft candies that are beautifully dyed and shaped, sweet and delicious, beautiful. How healthy are these soft candies that we can not sustain, even our children, with our own hands?

According to the researches made, this sticky substance obtained by stripping the animal's meat and boiling for a long time throws our health to the fire with artificial sweeteners. The soft candies, which contain more than one chemical and colorant, make an invitation to the cancer. Soft candy, although not definite proof, is very easy to see, because the research done and…

what are the benefits of parsley water?

Parsley is very useful for health. Parsley juice is also useful as parsley. One of the most important benefits is to strengthen the immune system. Thus, the body also protects against serious diseases such as cancer. It's a good diuretic. They clean the pastries but those with kidney problems should be very careful. Also cleanse the blood and protect the veins. It even allows the red blood cells to grow. It also helps to heal the wounds quickly, thanks to the benefits it brings to the blood. Parsley has a nice smell and flavor. It can help you to smell your mouth. The heart is good. It contains A, C and K vitamins. Also rich in iron, calcium and potassium. In the morning, breakfast can be consumed abundantly in salads.

It's good for men and women. Good for skin and hair. It is good for coughing, gas gait and eye health. Especially those who want to lose weight benefit from the water of parsley. If this water is used regularly it will weaken. Because it helps to burn the fat i…

wreck nail treatment at home

The sunken nails are indeed a very painful and disturbing problem. Unfortunately, it is seen in one of every two people. With this method, you will find solutions to sunken nails without going to the doctor!

1. Put your feet into warm / hot water. The warmer the better the water is. Keep your feet in this water for 15-30 minutes. Apply twice a day.

This regular footbath softens your toenails and prevents possible infections. Then you should wash your feet with antibacterial soap.

2. You should first prepare the pedicure tools necessary to easily remove the worn nails. These include: Nail scissors, pedicure scissors, cotton

3. After bathing, dry your feet with a clean towel and cut your nails flat. The risk of submerging in rounded nails increases.

4. With a sterile needle bar and a pointed tip that is sterile on the side, gently remove the worn tip and place a small piece of cotton in the space. Place your cotton in a lot of spots and do not push the cotton too much. Risk of infectio…

does lemon water really clear skin stains?

Lemon C is a source of vitamins. It also contains potassium and B vitamins. It is also very useful for the skin. Lemon can be applied to areas such as the face, elbow, knee. But not simply, it can be applied by mixing with water or by dropping a cotton lemon. Otherwise, it can dry out. Or a proper cream can be applied after the lemon is applied. Lemon shines on the skin, reduces skin stains. Since lemon is acidic, it should not be applied to the skin before going out to the sun. The best time to drive lemon on the skin is before bedtime. The lemon, which is squeezed on a cotton pad to get rid of black spots, is put on black spots before going to bed at night. This can be done until the black spots have passed.

Limondan masks can also be made. For this, honey, lemon juice and olive oil mixture is made and put on the face. After waiting 10 minutes, the skin is soft and bright.

It relieves dead cells, reduces wrinkles, reduces streaks and shines skin. Repair skin cells.
Lemon makes it e…

how is it affected by work and family?

Factors that increase the negative impact of work family and family on work (ie work-family conflict) are that the resources available to the individual are low and that the demands are high. The more requests and the fewer the supports, the more often the individual lives with work-family conflict. The conflict process inevitably triggers negative emotions and behaviors both at work and within the family. The decrease in employee motivation and performance can sometimes lead to a tendency to quit job. In the family, satisfaction in marriage decreases and some behavior problems are observed in children. In this working environment, where the individual can not cope, he feels guilty, which aggravates this picture. These negativities within the workplace and within the family are easily causing psychological problems. As life satisfaction decreases, depressive feelings, anxiety and anxiety are increasing.

There is work load at the beginning of the demands between family and family. The…

what are the island bulbs and what are the benefits?

Ada Soğanı is a plant variety of the Zambakgiller family that grows in the southern parts of the South Asia and Balkans region and can reach sizes of usually 50-150 cm. The leaves of Ada Creek plant seem to be long and pointed. It has green and white veins. The plant is found at the bottom of the onion leaves and is poisonous.

The island tea plant contains the vast majority of organic acids, saponin, tannin, mucilage and a large number of glycosides. Some of these substances may be useful for the human body, but other substances are very harmful.

- The onion portions of the island beetle are collected in the autumn season. The middle portions of the onions are thinly sliced ​​and dried in a room away from the humidity. Dried onions are well pounded into powder and are usually mixed with honey, vinegar, olive oil.

Ada Soğani Benefits

- Good for inflamed areas, effective for reducing inflammation.

- It works more intestines and softens, it has a urine removing effect.

- It is good for …

secrets of black hole

Until today, maybe the science that everyone is curious has become one of the black holes. These hungry holes, which seem to be an unknown or even a very different structure, are actually a process and a cause.

Black holes are a cosmic dead star that swallows everything when it comes close to its power. How Does? In fact, the simple gravity force with a stellar internal press can give us the answer to this question. The stars that we can say, a kind of dying or ending life, that is, the elderly, are aged so that after a while they can not balance the mass gravity in the center. In the fate of this event, the mass of the star is drawn to the center. In the end, the whole mass is gathered at one point, that is, the density increases rapidly and so much that everything around the existing mass, including even light, begins to swallow.

"What about all these black holes, why do not we see them?" That's a simple answer. One, these structures can not be seen in the world like …

what happiness is hormone (serotonin)?

Serotonin is one of the hormones secreted by our bodies. Hormones provide the coordination of the body, some deficiencies or excess health problems arise. Being unhappy is also a health problem and has an interest in serotonin. In the brain, pineal gland, thrombocytes, serotonin produced at different points of the digestive tract has a chemical structure (monoamine) called 5-Hydroxytryptamine or abbreviated 5-HT. It is a neurotransmitter synthesized from an amino acid called tryptophan, which regulates the electrical conduction in the nerve cells and communicates between the different parts of the brain. It is also known as the hormone of happiness among the people and is really very effective on mental balance. This is caused by an increase in aggressive behavior, depression, panic attacks and anxiety. Serotonin deficiency may also be present. In this case, people's morale and energy are rising and their appetite is decreasing.

The Effects of Serotonin or Happiness Hormone

We no…

what are the benefits of dried fruits?

Dried fruits have diverse and comprehensive health benefits. In this article we will cover the benefits of dried fruids and explain why you should include them in your nourishment.

The new sport and nutrition craze in the world tells everyone how important balanced and well-planned foods contain the right nutrition stuff. Healthy and balanced meals ensure you stay healthy, keep away from illnesses and help you lose weight. The most basic and important food groups included in this list such as minerals, oils, proteins, carbohydrates are found in dried fruits.

Dried Fruit and Nuts Benefits:

Dried fruit is the fruit obtained by depriving the fruits of very characteristic water contents. They are obtained by drying the water in the sun or by using special machines to destroy the water content. Dried fruit can be stored for a longer period of time and continue to maintain their basic nutritional value. Dried fruits are most commonly found in apricots, raisins, plums, dates, cranberries, b…

what is manganese? what are the features and where are they used?

Manganese is another elementary manganese, together with being an element in chemistry. Mangan takes place in the 7 B group of the periodic table.

The structure of the element is chemical. Although manganese is a very important element used in industry nowadays, the date of its discovery is found in recent days. So much so that the manganese was discovered by Carl Wilhelm Scheele, a Swiss scientist in 1774. The same year, the first manganese in history was produced by the scientist's assistant. Looking at the chemical properties of the element, it appears that the element is similar to demirene in chemical behavior. Elementin has 4 different alatrops. The manganese in the form of metal shows rusting characteristics in humid weather. In the open air, it is rising. Element is burning with oxygen or air at high temperatures. In terms of this feature, the element is quite similar to demirel. The element has the water, the separation feature. The speed of this decomposition can vary a…

how many days of men's life will shave?

As scientists are getting more and more interesting science and findings every day, we are going to be brighter while we are a little more enlightened with every step taken. Thanks to today's excellent shaving blades, lotions, foams or shaving machines, shaving from everyday problems of men has become very practical. Even with today's technology, the so-called make-up of Erke's makeup is so difficult for some men, how did men who lived years ago survive the necessity of constant shaving?

As a result of investigations and discoveries made in the 1990's, a man's body, discovered in the Austrian Alps, was discovered among the frozen glaciers. As a result of the studies done by scientists on the corpse, this body was found to belong to a man who lived 5000 years ago. What is interesting is that there was no beard on the body of the body, which had been physically stuck between the glaciers. The fact that this prehistoric man, called the Alpine Shepherd, is in a form t…

relation of brain and sense organs

Vision occurs in the brain as other senses as a rather complex system. Scientists have touched the functions of the eye and retina for many years to see this thought as the opposite. Progressive scientific studies have begun to underline the complex structure of the work of art. Sensory messages received through the eye are transmitted to ganglion cells and bipolar cells. Through the intermediate nerve cells, it is transmitted to the brain through cells called cones and sticks. The vision takes place in the occipital lobe through this path (Eagleman, 2016).

When we look at the hearing process, we realize that it is as surprising as the sense of sight. For example, how does a student perceive the voice of a university instructor? The sound waves from the mouth of the external teacher are transmitted to the organ to the inner ear, called a snail. The sound-sensitive cells in the ear scroll are arranged in rows on a long spiral-shaped membrane. The sound pressure moves the earlobe into th…