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The universe is a place where you can feel yourself immense forever. The seas, the pieces of land, give you eternal beauties with a huge sky when you lift your head when you are in trouble. Have you ever heard of the Northern lights, which lead us to another world with a wonderful dance in the sky? When the northern lights, which are the mysterious show of nature, dance in the sky, it is down to us to observe this show.

The northern lights that say hello to the darkness every night, the other name Aurora can be seen with the naked eye. Everything is beautiful and what can you say Aurora? We think you are right, how much enjoy watching a sky beam you do not know the meaning of? Trust us and our research. The aurora, the magnetic field of the earth and the interaction of charged particles, is the end result. They are usually green, rarely purple, yellow and blue. It is impossible to observe these northern lights with a magnificent view from everywhere. We felt a little curious about it, so we did a small but very valuable research. If you are ready for the journey now, come with us. Let's see, where are we going to get you to see the northern stars?

If you and your bag are ready, let's start with this light and beautiful journey. As the name North, the places where you can see the magnificence of the lights are the cities in the Arctic.

Finland-Lapland, Kilpisjarvi
The cold and the frozen motherland Finland Paatsjoki are the most beautiful places to watch the Northern Lights. Especially Paatsjoki Bridge is the most beautiful reflection of northern lights. The probability of being seen in open weather is 90%. Places bring the purity of white, and the sky brings you green, magenta and blue. It seems impossible to remain indifferent to your beauty.

If you are looking for a difference, especially in the winter months, you should opt for Tromso to partner with the northern lights show. Because the city is located in the generation of this nature event known as Aurora Borealis. No matter how cold the weather is in Norway, the warmth of the northern lights will warm you up.

Iceland- Reykjavik
If the weather is clear in Iceland and the northern lights are starting to show off, you are very lucky. Because you can see these lights from all over the country. In Iceland, the clearest spot of northern lights is the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon. The calm and exotic nature of Iceland is also a distinct fit of the harmony of the northern lights.

Alaska- Fairbanks
The fascinating Northern Lights are seen from Fairbanks in the Alaska State of America. The northern lights that appear to have come from the rainbow are red, yellow, blue and green, all of which give you a visual feast. If the climate is clear, this feast is more meaningful. If you have a plan to watch the Northern Lights from Fairbanks, you can visit between April and August.
Canada Yellowknife
There are 18,000 people living in the Yellowknife State, which has a population of neither very crowded nor very secluded. The Yellowknife is 400 kilometers from the polar circle. You can also enjoy watching the northern lights by participating in the tours arranged on the frozen ground of the Great Captive Lake here. Then I will never stop ...

Sweden - Tornedalen
The most beautiful accumulation of snow, the glaciers freeze for you, and you will heat your fingers with your glamor Swedish Tornaden is hosting another beauty. You will not be able to enjoy watching Northern Lights. Do not forget to add the Tornedalen to your list.

Think of a village, calm, clean, untouched, wonderful nature. The snow-covered view, the people as warm as the palms. The name is Greenland. The northern lights of this small village in Kangerlussuag, east of Greenland, also float. Pull the purple, green, yellow and blue skies and come toward you. We are telling the truth, not the dreams. The Northern Lights, which is the name of the miracle, looks more like this one. Have you not seen this feast yet, which is the shine and the extraordinary light shade?
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