world's most expensive fruits

Fruit on earth is one of the most popular foods. Untouched exotic areas in the world are indeed very limited. The influence of the seasons, that is, the natural ending of the weather conditions, as well as the influence of the people, has narrowed these areas and they continue to narrow. Fruit varieties grown here offer a unique flavor. However, their prices are higher because they grow in exotic areas. For this reason they are usually products that decorate rich tables. He changes his hand to the table until he reaches the table. We will talk about the 8 most expensive fruit on Earth this summer.

Yubari king crab of Japan is a very tasty piece. Melon, usually sold in pairs, is offered as a gift in particular. Yubari melon can be found in luxurious fruit salons for around $ 150 to $ 200, but a couple of nice-looking ones have recently been sold for $ 26,000.

Pineapple is an exotic fruit and symbol of summer months, but a special variety is grown in England. This pineapple is grown in Heligan Lost Gardens and in a chemically heated greenhouse in a botanical garden in Cornwall. The reaction is the result of urine and straw interaction of 30 tonnes of horse chestnut. Because of the use of so many materials, production is also costly. Growing every single piece of fruit is equivalent to 2,000 dollars. Due to its rareness and production values, this pineapple is sold for about 16,500 dolars.

This red-colored grape grown only in Ishikawa, Japan, in one place in the world, is the fruit of the world's most expensive fruit. Each ruby grape weighs 20 grams, each of which is of table-tennis ball size and contains 18 grams of sugar. The cluster weighing 700 grams has been sold for 910 dolars in the past years. Today, about 100 dollars can be found from this grape on the Tokyo Senbikiya fruit market. But the good quality Yakut Roman Grape must be at least 30 grams each and at least weigh 700 grams. This weight is very rare, and it is sold at 6,400 dolls in Kanazawa wholesale market.

This watermelon belonging to Japan is also one of the most expensive fruits in the world. This watermelon is only in one place; It is grown in a region called Hokkaidu in northern Japan. It is an extremely rare fruit with its interesting texture and delicious taste that resembles a bowling ball. Only 1,000 Densuke watermelons are grown each year. Watermelon is usually sold in Japan for 250-400 dolls. But with the perfect look, Densuke watermelon can be sold for about $ 4,000. In the past years these carpels have been sold for 6,300 dolls.

Square watermelon is also unique to Japan. The square karpuza grown in Japan is sold for about 300 dolls each. However, wealthy Russians buy this fruit for 800 dollars at the luxury shopping malls in Moscow.

It is cultivated in Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia. There is a very disgusting smell of the fruit which is known as the king of the fruit. But despite its bad odor, it makes it absolutely worthwhile. A price of $ 200 per adedi is sold.

They are known as fruit-salad plants. It is a tropical fruit growing in Central America in southern Mexico and Guatemala. The buyers are finding buyers for 50 dollars.

This South American fruit is not a normal exotic fruit, but rather a vegetable. For health reasons, 450 Grams of fruit, which is countless beneficiaries, is finding a buyer for 250 dollars.
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