world's most expensive 10 avenue

There are different expensive streets in the world and they all vary according to their culture and environmental conditions. Expensive streets are often known as places where wealthy people can reside and live. These streets, home to the most influential people in the world, are probably hosting the chic outings and the most expensive shops of the world's brightest interior decorators. Rich people prefer these streets if they want to open any school or start a new job. There are expensive streets in different countries, but the most famous and expensive streets are listed below:

Paris: Avenue Montaigne
It is the oldest of the world's most famous expensive streets. This expensive street is located in the Champs Elysess neighborhood and the average value of 1 square meter of this street is about 26,000 dollars. It is quite expensive because it is an ornate street with all the facilities available on the street. Avenue Montaigne also features world-renowned fashion boutiques along with quality shops for everything you might need.

New York: 5th Avenue, Park Avenue
This street is considered to be the region of rich Americans and the wealthiest people in the world. Empire State Building, Rockefeller Manor, Golden Saks' house is also famous for these important buildings. There is an intense human traffic 24 hours a day on the street with the value of 1 square meter at $ 28,000. The street where the centers with the highest volume markets of the world are located is also introduced as the financial center of the world.

Moscow: Ostozhenka
They call the Ostozhenka, located on the banks of the Moscow River, the golden crown of the Russians. There are many Russian billionaires in this city, and many billionaires live in this street. With many luxury shops, the shops where everything can be found are expensive and expensive with tourists. The streets, which have been home to a number of the world's best restaurants, are also attracting cultural interest. The value of 1 meter of Ostozhenka Street is 29.000 dollars.

Sardinia: Via Romazzino, Porto Cervo
Known as one of the most distinguished districts in the world, many wealthy entrepreneurs' offices and centers of new technology companies are on the street. There are many world famous stars on the street where 1 square meter is worth $ 33,000.

Geneva: Rue Bellot
Rue Bellot Street is also known as the capital of romance and has made a reputation as a global super-rich street. There is a park, museum and entertainment facilities on the street filled with galleries and shopping centers where modern art works are exhibited.

Singapore: Paterson Hill
As its name implies, this street is located at the top of the hill and is located near the largest shopping center of the country on Orchard Road. The street with 1 square meter worth of $ 42,000 is one of the most expensive in the world.

France: Boulevard de Gaulle Street
Despite being located outside the city, a very expensive street is at the center of many technology companies. The price of a 1 square meter area on the street preferred by rich people who do not want to live in the city center of the city is 79,000 dollars. Only on the street that appeals to the affluent, there are shops of world famous luxury consumption brands.

Monaco: Avenue Princesse Grace
Unlike other expensive streets, Princess Grace Street, which is also a tourist attraction, is one of Europe's most expensive streets. There are many monuments and historical monuments on the street, and the average value of 1 meter square is $ 100,000. It is also known as "Billionaire Street" in the world. Along with many embassy buildings, the average price of a property on the street where the richest of the country lives is 200 million dollars.

London: Kensington Palace Street
The street is known for its calmness, cleanliness and well-being. Green Kensington Palace Street, which is one of the coolest areas of the city, especially in summer, costs $ 105,000 per square meter. Lakshmi Mittal and russian billionaire Roman Abramovic, also known as the sixth richest names in the world, also reside on the street hosting many state institutions.

Hong Kong: Savern Street
Savern Street is more expensive than all other expensive streets with a dramatic difference and is known as the world's super-rich street. The richest people of China live on the street where at least $ 100 million must be removed from view to acquire a property. On Savern Street, 1 meter is worth $ 140,000.
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