world's 10 most natural parks

You can witness the wonders of nature by visiting the national parks which are beautiful and offer different visual feasts.

Zion National Park, Utah - USA
This is a place where you will feel yourself in another world when you see rock formations. Beige, pink and red colored sandstone cliffs are fascinated. We are experiencing another discovery excitement every step of the way as we walk along the paths between the arches and the canyons that form the nature. Rock climbing in the national park in Springfield - Utah is the most popular activity. The Virgin River adds another beauty to the Zion National Park.

Banff National Park, Banff - Canada
Banff National Park, Canada's oldest national park, is located in the western part of Calgary in the state of Alberta. The National Park owes its true beauty to the incredible turquoise color of Peyto Lake. It is accompanied by the view of the glacier Peyto Lake; hiking, climbing, rafting and so on. You can also do bird watching in the national park where animals such as the reindeer, gray bear and wolf can also be confronted.

Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, Honshu - Japan
Fuji Mountain, Japan's highest mountain, is regarded as sacred by the Japanese people since ancient times. Scientists say that Fuji can explode at any time, even though he has been doing volcanic activity for nearly 300 years. In the days when the weather is clear, the mountain top that can be seen from Tokyo is always snowy. Fuji Mountain is surrounded by forests and many lakes. In addition, more than 1,000 volcanic islands and Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park is Japan's most visited national park.

Fiordland National Park, Fiordland - New Zealand
In Fiordland National Park, the shape of the deep glaciers is astonishing. We go on a reconnaissance with a boat to hunt down the trick. The trip we made with the boat in the Milford Strait in the national park takes about two hours. During these two hours, we encounter many waterfalls flowing from the rocks. It is possible to see peaks exceeding 2000 meters in the north of the park. A national park that hosts countless plants and livelihoods; islands, glaciers, lakes and forests.

Munz Valley National Park, Tunceli - Turkey
Munzur Valley

Located at the top of the Upper Euphrates Basin, the national park is 8 kilometers away from the city center. Munzur Valley National Park stretching to Munzur Mountains; lakes, canyons and waterfalls. In the national park, where there is a rich biological diversity, there are also creatures unique to the local. Trout, mountaineer, lynx are some of these creatures.

Galapagos Islands National Park, Puerto Ayora - Ecuador
This is like no other place we've seen before. Here we see what the definition of "utopia of nature" we encounter while reading the resources about the Galapagos Islands. Volcanic rocks, forests on one side, deserts and the other on the other side. Giant black turtles, sea lions, sea iguanas, finches are permanent residents of the islands. It is also important to note that access to protected areas is forbidden, and that free areas should be visited with a guide.

Machu Picchu National Park, Aguas Calientes - Peru
Peru is one of the highest countries in the world. The ancient city of Machu Picchu is a city built on top of clouds. The mystery of the city that has been standing for centuries has not yet been resolved. The stones, which weigh about 100 tons, are used on the city walls, but we do not know how they are arranged perfectly without mortar. This mysterious ancient city of inca civilization is covered with Amazon forests. The diversity of animals in the national park can not be ignored.

Kruger National Park, Skukuza - South Africa
Kruger National Park, Africa's largest national park, is the first stop for safari. We prefer this for safari. Our guide says we can observe about 150 mammal species. Buffalo, rhinoceros, cheetah, waterhole, lion, antelope, elephant, giraffe, aphrodisiac are some of the animals we saw safaris. The national park, with the richness of the bird species, causes us to constantly head to the sky.

Lake District National Park, Lake District - England

Among the natural beauties of the UK, the Lake District National Park is one of the places to be seen. In this national park, England has the deepest lake and the highest mountain. We do not have time to try the water sports that can be done here, so we take the great scenery on foot. We also see bike trails while walking. If you come to England and just go back to London, you will regret it.

Manuel Antonio National Park, Puntarenas - Costa Rica
Rainforest greenery and white sandy beaches ... In this national park, we see what we see when we turn our eyes. We admire the beauty of the Pacific. Manuel Antonio National Park has multiple hiking routes. Different rods allow us to explore different places, every road is a different beauty. The monkeys accompany our journey. Manuel Antonio Beach can be preferred for swimming.
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