why do dolphins stay outdoor with an eye?

There is a lot to be wondered about in the life of the dolphins, which are defined as intelligent at a high level. They must have features that are characteristic of other animals, interesting and inconceivable. For example, using sharp sounds like wounds, they find a simple method of hunting. High-frequency sounds make it possible to multiply objects or other living things in such a way that they benefit best from the resulting echos. The dolphins never sleep well. They even sleep with one eye open. The reason is that to prevent the drowning, only a part of the brains fall asleep, and the olive who succeeds in staying awake in this way, are both eaten healthy and observe the best of what is happening around them. Because they use half of sleep, they breathe more comfortably. This is proof of how sharp they are.

Another characteristic of Yunus is the birth of the offspring. The dolls of the future come out of the mother's womb and the queues are in front. This is why they are different from all mammals. They choose the most deep in their dives. The targets are always big. For this reason they show a total descent to a depth of 260 meters. The reason they are so submerged is that they make a sound when hunting and make the sound of the living creature that is there right afraid, and it is easier for them to hunt. They immediately perceive different voices and actively act on them.

The dolphins play different whistles. They all have very different sounds. They are quite social and have the ability to jump up to 6 meters. 38 species of dolphins with different species live in the sea and the other species live in rivers. It is because the reason why the Yunus's single-eyed sleeping is due to being extremely anxious animals. They observe everything that sneaks around their sockets and around them. One eye is always open. This is a characteristic of how they are meticulous and careful, and at the same time they are experiencing extreme anxiety.
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