why are you excited?

Why are people so excited?
What kind of action is really happening, the situations that you notice after you are entrusted, etc. it is possible to have a small idea of ​​why we are stretching.

First of all, the act of stretching is not just an action that occurs in the body by sleep depression. In fact, the stretch at the core of the work is when your lungs are air-filled after you have opened your mouth and breathed deeply. This can sometimes be too short, sometimes a few seconds long. Frequent occurrences of the strains may include eyebrows, discharge from the nose, stretching as a body, tearing and sighing.

Theories about stretching
Everyone can stretch at any age until the oldest person in the mother's womb is age. This also applies to animals. But the real question here is why we can always stretch. The main theories about stretching are as follows;

The most talked about stretch theory; when an individual is tired as a body, when he / she has a sick time, and when someone around him or her around is stretching. Although these are the most frequently taught theorems, there is no evidence to prove these theorems scientifically. Scientists have investigated all the biological reactions that occur in the body as a result of their specific research on this topic, but they have been determined to be a self-evident respiratory reflex.

It is also revealed that the stretching state is a mechanism that can control the temperature on the brain. According to this, when a person breathe deeply, he helps the brain to cool down. So when the temperature of the brain rises in our head, the blood flow in the mucous part of the nose accelerates. The temperature of the blood can be changed when the air taken after the infusion passes through the mouth cavity and the nasal cavity. This helps the brain to cool down.

The stretch state is the function of the body
Relevant overseas research is based on the 1980s. For the first time in 1980, the psychologist Robert Provine found in his work on stretching that "it is the behavior most common among people, but we have the least knowledge about us".

It is understood that the processes that were originally arouse to the original curiosity occurred after Hippocrat's work 2500 years ago. According to Hipokrat's research, stretching is a particularly helpful element to replace bad air circulation in the body with fresh air, especially in cases of febrile illnesses.

Believed this opinion lasted until the 19th century, but it was understood that experiments afterwards did not seem to be the case at all. Because the Provincial scientist has voluntarily experimented with people who experimented with people as a result of the various gases in this person despite the change has not noticed that there is no change.

Again, as a result of the experiments and researches performed by Provine, it was found that he was stretched 50% not only to see, but to read or hear something about the subject, even in the style of stretching them is known.

Other factors that trigger strain
Another theorem about stretching is that people start to stretch in stressful and strained processes. Before the concert, it seems that the athletes, who are often hanging around, are faced with the same stretch of athletes before a race. It is possible to say that, as a common opinion of most experts, the brains have taken on a refreshing task.

It has been revealed that sleeping can be opened in the processes in which sleeping people are enthusiastic, and that the distracted people can recover their attention again when they are sucked. That is, in fact, everyone in a group flexes with one another, causing the brain of the first stretcher to come alive and then come to a revival in the brains of all the stretchers.

The latest theory emerged about Esnemey is the theory of evolution. The theory of evolution is the point at which the elderly is reconciled, the belief that the state of elasticity comes from our ancestors in the early ages. According to this, people in the early ages were showing strength to the other side by showing their teeth and opening their mouths. Thus, the opposite side tried to be frightened by this indicator.
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