why are probiotics (beneficial bacteria) in the body decreased?

Probiotics (useful bacteria);

* To strengthen the immune system.
* To facilitate the digestion of food.
* Synthesis of vitamins (K vit, biotin, B12, niacin etc.).
* Protect the intestinal wall from harmful substances and reduce intestinal permeability.
* Prevent the entry of harmful substances (toxins) into the bloodstrea
* Prevent food allergies and eczema.
* Chronic inflammatory (inflammatory) to prevent the formation of diseases.
* Prevent cancer.
* To slow aging.

* To relieve depression.
* To relieve autism findings.
* To prevent and treat diarrhea.
* Prevent urinary tract infections.
* To treat constipation.
* Reduce the formation of kidney stones (oxalate)
are the bacteria that undertake countless tasks.

Well; why do probiotics in the body decrease? Now we want to touch on this topic.

There are 100 trillion (1,5 kg) beneficial bacteria and fungi in a healthy adult human intestine. This number is 10 times the number of human cells.

These beneficial bacteria, which live in the intestines and form protective mucosa in the intestines,

* Excessive consumption of rich refined foods from Karbonhidrattan,
* Low consumption of traditional fermented foods such as pickles, yoghurt and various salamar,

* If you consume too much milk and yoghurt, such as pasteurizing or antibiotics in order to cut or cut,

* Various toxins, antibiotics and cesarean births,

These factors reduce the probiotics (beneficial bacteria), leading to the deterioration of the intestinal flora.

Cesarean birth, we can explain the following. The baby encounters probiotics from the vagina during childbirth. When the baby is fed with breast milk, normal flora develops. Babies born with caesarean section; it encounters microbes found on the outside and normal flora can not occur. The transition from the first colonized flor to healthy flora after birth is quite difficult even if the appropriate nutritional environment is brought to the field.

But; (such as pickles, yogurt, cheese, wine, sausage, vinegar, salted foods, brewer's yeast) that are poor in flour and sugar, vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs and fermentation products,


you can increase the number of probiotics (beneficial bacteria) with a diet rich in natural foods, so you can also increase the protection of the intestinal flora.
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