who is karun and about karun treasures

Some of us have heard promises of wealth as much as Karun. Who is Karun? Where did this wealth come from and what did it measure? We are going to try to talk about who is Karun and its treasures, and we will examine history as well as history.

Karun, the last king of Lydia, became known for his richness and abundance of Karun who made Lydia's kingdom between 560-540 BC. Lidyalılar found the money and opened a new era in history and started to print the name Tarihe. The gold reserves at the edge of the creek called Paktalos Deresi brought Lidya to a rich state. We can say that this invention is the golden age of the ancient world.

The first treasure appeared near the village of Güre in Uşak, of course, unique to us; they took out the jewelery of the villagers and took out the jewelery of the villagers one by one and they sold about 60-70 thousand liras a quarter of the treasures. Interestingly, the security measures were not increased and another burglary took place again in the same region; treasures such as gold jewelry and silverware were stolen and sold again.

What was the stolen artifacts or to whom were they sold?
Some of the works captured after the robberies were exhibited in the Metropolitan museum. Among the reports that the remaining treasures were hidden in the museum's warehouse ... Karun's land 2500 years ago, Güre village of Uşak told me that the works had been recovered first and I did not have much time to investigate it myself. Actually, the Metropolitan museum was sued museum works that understand that the case will be lost to the Usak Archaeological Museum. It is said that there are about 40 to 50 thousand works on the street, but some of the works are exhibited in the garden of the museum eg gravestones, marbles, written blogs ...

I also visited this museum many times as a Uşak and I wanted to share it with you, it is not so nice to exhibit the works in the garden, but I have heard that they are working on this subject and I learned that the museum would be developed and moved into the museum. There are also very interesting facts about those who steal and sell works out of the works ...

One of the robbers is also known by the Uşak people, who went to jail and went to prison for the D.E.-named citizen's punishment and died and suffered paralysis according to what the villagers had heard and heard in the Uşak, and whose body was in a rotten state. The sons of this person were also victims of the murder, and they were killed by a traffic accident. The second robber has left his wife, his son committed suicide and ended his life, and the villager tells him that his wife is ruined when he returns home. It is not a coincidence or a justice, but those who did wrong jobs were not good at all. The Karun Treasures are exhibited at the Uşak Museum, and if you want to visit and see, it is quite possible on weekdays and it is a place that smells history that will impress you.
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