who is george orwell?

George Orwell, who was born in India and was born in India, has an important place in English literature in the 20th century. Her environments and the events she encountered in creating her works have been ethical. She has worked in various jobs because she has been wanting to be a writer. The role of police officer is one of them. However, the persecution that he witnessed during this mission has taken him away from this work. The novel of George Orwell, who was also in this period of Parma scintillation, is "Five-free" in Paris and London which can be considered as autobiographical character. life and observations in his books, this book deals with the life struggle that an unemployed and unqualified young man has suffered in London and has given life struggle. The same theme in the works of 'Shrinking' and 'Lily Solmasin' It has committed.

Orwell took a break for a long time due to the Spanish Civil War. During this period, Orwell went voluntarily to fight alongside Spain. He witnessed many things during the war, and especially he learned a lot about socialism. Orwell, who had a chance to see what the socialist regime brought, wrote his work "Salute to Catalonia" The 'Animal Farm' is the most important work that has changed the lives of some of the lives of these changes that Spain has experienced, that is to say, the statesmen of that period. This work yielded a great reputation and money at that time. This book, which he wrote, has not given up on the old style in Orwell's work. The events that he describes are also events based on his observations. Those in the book reflect Hitler and Stalin's power. However, Orwell did not go directly to the accusation, nor to the circumstances of the period, nor to what the reasons for pushing such a power were. The 'Hayland Farm' is the most important piece of Orwel's reputation, although his recent work '1984' is also very important.

Orwel was particularly relieved of his livelihood with his latest works, but he still did not have a comfortable life. When he recovered tuberculosis, which he had caught in the years of poverty, he had a blind eye in London at the age of 46.
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