where is yellowstone national park?

Yellowstone National Park is a world famous public open space of the United States, located in North America. Located within the borders of the states of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, this is one of the largest parks in the world. The construction of the park was started on March 1, 1872 with the decision of the United States Congress. The construction process that started with this date lasted many years and the park had a very unusual appearance. Yellowstone National Park, the first national park built in the United States, is the first national park in the world to be built. In this sense, the Yellowstone National Park, which has a very different prescription for the United States as well as the world, has become an extremely touristic place. Known as one of the most important figures of the North American continent, this space is home to many live species living on the continent. In this sense, Yellowstone National Park, which has an extremely wide variety of wildlife, is regarded as a unique place in the world.

The park is not only famous for the reigns of wildlife creatures. In addition, geothermal variations within the boundaries of the park have played a key role in increasing the interest in the park. Considered among the most nostalgic natural wonders of the North American continent, this location is extremely convenient and has already been selected by the American Kongresi'n due to host the biodiversity. Yellowstone National Park, located on the eastern side of the United States as a location, has a very unusual feature due to the spread of three different states. In this sense, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming Park County and Teton County within the boundaries of the state of Montana is located within Gallatin County and Park County and finally located in the state of Idaho Fremont County's borders. In other words, this park covering 5 different cities of the United States is a unique example in this sense. Yellowstone National Park, which has a surface area of ​​about 9 thousand square kilometers, was formally established on March 1, 1872.

Yellowstone National Park, considered one of the most important locations in the United States, is visited by millions of tourists every year. Both domestic and also one of the places frequented by foreign tourists in Yellowstone National Park, approximately 4.3 million visitors flock to the extremely important destination each year. Yellowstone National Park, considered a public institution, is operated under state security. This area, which is also noted by UNESCO, is officially included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. If you do not want to visit the area, you can choose between Wyoming, Montana or Idaho.
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