what should you include in your plan when you go to barcelona?

Whether it's Barcelona, one of the most important ports on the Mediterranean coast of Spain and attracting your interest with its modern architecture alongside modernism headed by Gaudi, or Arda Turan, if you want to spend a good time in the streets of Şakakrak You have to go. We have compiled for you the places you should definitely go to Barcelona.

1-) La Sagrada Familia Church
Designed and unfinished by Antonia Gaudi, the La Sagrada Familia Church is home to more than three million trips each year with its unique and extraordinary structure. You can go a long way to see the inside of this church, which has only thirty minutes of wandering around. It will take you approximately two hours to explore the inside and explore the church with this extraordinary architecture. If you find the opportunity and can sacrifice some pawns, you can also get special tickets that provide you with your next order.

We do not want you to come to Barcelona and miss this visual festivity. You will never forget how magnificent you are and how beautiful you will be, accompanied by a beautiful music accompaniment to dance with light, to experience this magical environment closely. Two and a half million travelers visit the fountain built in 1929 annually. At some festivals you should definitely visit the area that hosts this visual feast as well as live celebrations.

3-) Picasso Museum

Pablo Picasso, one of the world's most popular painters born in Malaga, spent nine years in Barcelona. Barcelona is also the city that shaped it as an artist. Although you are not hosting Picasso's most famous works, there are Picasso paintings you will not see anywhere else in the Picasso Museum. You can be confident that the museum is also a very artistic area, and that both the museum and its surroundings will be enough to pass your time in good quality.

4- FC Barcelona Museum and Camp Nou Stadium

Camp Nou is the home of the Barcelona football team. Even if the football league is finished in the period you are going, you can find both the museum and the stadium tour at very reasonable prices. Your football fanatic friends can get Barca products and make them happy from the largest Nike store in the museum, where you will not find anywhere else. Of course, we would like to point out that going to the middle of the season, living this stadium alive and watching Arda Turan on the field will be a very unique experience.

5-) Barrio Gotico Region

Barrio Gottico, the gothic quarter of Barcelona, ​​is a region that will draw your attention with its architectural style typical of the Middle Ages. Barrio Gottico, sprawled around the Roman town of Barcino, the oldest part of Barcelona, ​​is home to many rich and beautiful museums, churches, markets and squares. If you visit the Barcelona History Museum, you can see the houses and streets dating from Rome. Moreover, because of its narrow streets, you can go to this area where tour vehicles can not enter, if you like, you can go and discover every point by yourself.

6-) Gaudi's Modernist Park, Park Guell

Modernist Park, considered Gaudi's most artistic work, was also able to enter the UNESCO World Heritage list. After your bus or metro journey, you can relax after a long, uphill walk in the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere of the park. If you are not on foot, you can also arrive by taxi to the appropriate front gate. The park was built in a village of sixty people, far away from the intended city and with private, gardened houses. Gaudi's idea was not warm enough and he was donated to the Barcelona government as a public park after his death.

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