what is wbc leukocyte? why low? how is the treatment?

What is WBC Leukocyte?

The WBC, or leucocyte, is the name given to white blood cells found in the body that are originally produced by bone marrow but can be seen in the bloodstream. The expansion of the WCB is the English white blood cell. The absence of these cells, in addition to being harmful, is to fight against inflammation, bacteria or viruses between tasks and protect the body from possible infections.

There are 5 different species within itself, including neutrophils, lymphocytes, eosinophils, monocytes and basophils. These different species also have specific proportions in the body and there is a problem when more or less are observed. In a healthy person, the neutrophil value should be 45% -75%, the lymphocyte value 20% -40%, the eosinophil 7% less, the monocyte 1% -10%, and the basophil value 3%.

Normal Leukocyte Values:

-1 week old infants - 9,400-34,000
-2 week old babies - 5,000-21,000
-1 month old babies - 5,000-20,000
-2-5 months old babies - 5,000-15,000
-6 months-1 year old babies - 6.000-11.000
For children aged -2 ​​years - 5,000-12,000
For children between the ages of 3 and 5 - 4,000-12,000
-6-11 years old - 3.400-10.000
For children aged 12-15 years - 3,500-9,000
- In the case of adults; 3500-10500


Why Low Leukosis?
As mentioned earlier, the leukocytes will fight bacteria with viruses and protect us from infections. The primary type of leukocyte that makes these things is neutrophils. When they diminish, they become vulnerable to infections and weaken our immune system so that we become more and more sick. If the neutrophils decrease too much, every bacteria in the body causes severe infections in the human body. In general, low WBC rates appear in people who have cancer or who are after cancer treatment.

The causes of low leukocyte counts include viral infections affecting bone marrow, birth defects, severe diseases affecting the immune system, drugs such as antibiotics. Specifically within the causes; aplastic anemia, chemotherapy, radio therapy, HIV / AIDS, leukemia, lupus, tuberculosis, kostmann syndrome.

How is Leukocyte Reduction Treatment?
Once you have the WCB test and you know that your values ​​are low, you should start to see a treatment with your doctor. You can apply them as an adjunct to the medication you administer with your doctor. The number of people who believe that eating a well-fed and protein-rich diet helps increase leukocyte levels, even though it is not scientifically explained.

Using amino acids and minerals in addition, consuming multi-vitamin nutrients can also help you. If you have severe headaches, sudden onset of fever, sweating or chilling sessions, vomiting, diarrhea, eating difficulty, excessive fatigue or breathing difficulty, you should contact your doctor immediately.
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