what is siesta?

The concept of Siesta is a concept that is integrated with Mexico today, and when it is examined the history of Siesta is actually a Spanish custom.

Siesta sleeps at small intervals between noon. This can actually be looked upon as a sort of lunch candy. When Siesta calls the concept, one of the first countries to come to mind is Mexico. Historically, the Spaniards have been portrayed as the colonization of South America as the basis for the identification of the Siesta, a Spaniards-specific system, with countries like Mexico, and its implementation in Latin countries along with Mexico.

With this colonization that took place in history, the concept of siesta, which is unique to the Spaniards, has taken its place in Latin culture and has succeeded in getting a very important place in this culture. So much so that siesta practice is now being implemented in Latin American countries rather than in Spain.

When evaluated according to their characteristics, it is seen that this concept is closely related to socio-cultural, economic and climatic dimensions. As a matter of fact, the practice of siesta is practiced in Latin American countries by people who are not very well financially. The reason for this is that you spend your lunch time at home instead of outside. Because the tropical climate is seen here and the extreme temperatures that occur when the sun comes up at full right angle at noon, have an impact on people. These extreme temperatures cause people to get lethargic, so people are doing siesta instead of being out in the hot hours.

There are other dimensions of the siesta that people who do not have a good financial situation apply to protect themselves from the heat of the noon hour. It is applied here by people who are not business owners due to temperature. On the other hand, the concept of siesta applies within the working segment. For the working group, this concept is like a lunch break extension and a late start to work. Regardless of whether a person works in a government agency or in the private sector, the late return of the lunch breaks coming out of time and less work means less siesta. When this dimension of Siestan is considered, this situation in the business world is valid in most regions of the world and the siesta used in this sense is a concept which is valid for the general of the world. This situation arises in this direction. Because situations such as job hunting or job hunting are not unique to people working in Latin America, but are also unique to the people of many nations.

It is known that more civilians are applying the siestan in society. In practice, it is known that people close their eyes with their hats in a corner. The biggest reason for this is the fact that the Mexicans, who are in the US films, are shown to be asleep in this way. In fact, there are many questions about the concept of siesta. There is a misperception in society regarding this concept. In Siesta time, all the people in Mexico do not leave their work and their power to sleep.

So the whole country does not apply siesta at noon. And again, when the temperature reaches a very high temperature in the afternoon, many countries are sleeping at noon due to the heat. But it is incomplete that this concept is shown only to the Spaniards and Latin American. Because most people in the world choose to sleep because of loudness during warmer noon hours. It is also unknown where the siesta name comes from.
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