what is the secret of the bermuda triangle?

Many mysterious incidents have occurred in this region, which is seen as a triangle, taking a map to your hand and unexplained until this time. The number of lost ships, planes and people is not known exactly. For this reason, a long period has been mentioned with names like cursed place or devil's triangle, and even today we use these names from time to time.

Bermuda triangle is a triangular area within the borders of Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico when viewed from a bird's eye view, located on the southeast coast of America that opens up to the Atlantic Ocean, covering an area of 500,000 square miles of the Atlantic Ocean. There are hundreds of ships and aircraft wrecks in this part of the ocean. In the last 100 years, the sinking ship, the falling plane and the number of lost people are expressed in 1000s.
It was said that very large magnet minerals were located under the water in this region, and that the planes were affected by this intense magnetic attraction, causing the electronic systems to deteriorate, and accordingly to drop. It has been believed for so long that according to others, there could be no other explanation. But if we think about it from the other side, why would the ships sink if it was such a thing? Or was it even so strong that it could swallow a ship? No way. If it were a magnet effect, and even if the ship was towed by the principle of opposing poles, it would not be possible to produce enough power to hold a ship standing in the water. Moreover, measurements made in that area have proven over and over again that there is no magnetic field above or below normal.
The real suspicion in the region was the unusual events people described as "a white water in the sea". On top of that, diving with robot camera water vehicles was seen as the base of the water covered with a white cover, and all sinking ship and plane wreckages were found. According to the current theory, which is now considered the strongest possibility, this layer is explained as the gases coming out of the large natural gas source in the bottom of the sea solidify with the effect of high pressure and low temperature under the water and become white hydrate particles. This area also passes a hot water stream called Gulf Stream. When the hydrate particles on the bottom of the water meet the hot water stream, they melt and move to the water surface. As a result, thousands of cubic meters of natural gas are mixed into the water and the density of the water is greatly reduced. If there is a ship passing through the area at that time, due to the intensity of the water, the lift can not carry the ship and the ship sinks. When the hydrides melt together with the hot water stream, this white layer on the water disappears and the ship disappears completely as if it were not there.

In the same way, the gases released from the surface of the water have less density than the air in the atmosphere, and due to the same reason, due to density, the planes can not get enough friction and lose the altitude and because of the natural gas molecules holding oxygen in the air, the engines of the aircraft can not get oxygen.

"Flight 19" was the most famous event that disappeared in the triangle of Satan. However, at the same time many planes were lost. These were American bombers in the Second World War. Grumman The five aircraft of the type called the IBM Florida Avenger reported that the flight conditions of the pilots were good after departing from Fort Lauderdale naval base in Florida on December 5, 1945 at around 2 pm.

But then, in the Bermuda Triangle of Evil, one person died. When the last news from Flight 19 was received, there was a road trip to search for a large naval aircraft, and when the five bomber aircraft arrived at the forecast, a signal was suddenly disappeared after a while. Within six hours of the same day, after the disappearance of six planes, the greatest search of history began. But not a single piece of aircraft was found.

The secret of the triangle of Bermuda is solved but everything is not yet fully known. I think that in the light of the ongoing researches of the region known as "Bermuda Triangle" in the following years, everything will be learned.
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