what is prebiotic and probiotic? what works? what are the food sources?

Prebiotics are substances that increase the proliferation of some microorganisms in the gut, stimulate its activity, and affect human health positively (such as nutritional fibers) in a positive way.

Prebiotics; insoluble, water-soluble carbohydrates (fibers) that increase the number of large intestinal bacteria, improve their action and enhance the effectiveness of probiotics.

To put it briefly; prebiotics are indigestible foods in foods served for probiotics. Prebiotics are foods that have never been digested in the small intestine and passed through the thick intestine.


* It regulates bowel movements.
* It facilitates the absorption of minerals.
* Positive effects on the levels of localized cholesterol and triglycerides.
* Colon cancer reduces the risk.
* Reduces the risk of infection in the intestines by preventing the growth of harmful bacteria.
* Strengthens the immune system of the intestine.

Nutrient sources of prebiotics;

* Dry beans
* Onion
* Garlic
* Leek
* Pea
* Asparagus
* Barley
* Rye
* Banana

Probiotics; are friendly bacteria that balance the intestinal flora and are found in our intestines. These bacteria help to keep the intestinal surface healthy and to help alleviate the food.

Probiotics help preserve the balance of the bacterial pool and fight off diseases and empower the immune system by expelling harmful bacteria. It also destroys the bad effects of antibiotics.

Antibiotics, antibiotics, harmful bacteria kill us by saving the infection. But at the same time they cause the death of beneficial bacteria. This triggers diarrhea and yeast infection resulting from antibiotic uptake. Probiotic consumption helps to reduce this risk.


probiotic4 * Provides the destruction of protein and fat in food.
* They facilitate digestion of food.
* They facilitate the absorption of food items.
* They help prevent food allergies.

Nutrient sources of probiotics;

* Fermented yogurt
* Cheese
* Bread
* Wine
* Kefir
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