what is a pessimist?

Pessimist; is a philosophical term. It is used as an adjective in Turkish in terms of language knowledge. the origin comes from the French language. Pessimist is used to mean anti-optimist.

Pessimist; French pessimisme. In our language, optimism means the opposite of the word, used in the field of philosophy and "the world view that takes everything from the worst side, sees every situation dark and always worst." The pessimistic form of this word should be used in response to its pessimistic derivation.

The concept of pessimism (pessimism) is a bad world portrait that can not be corrected in worldview and approach, as opposed to the concept of optimism. Pessimists always think of a bad ending. Future thoughts can not always go beyond hopeless and unchangeable negative conception. Arthur Schopenhauer in his book World of Static and Design has causalized a radical metaphysical pessimism.

It is only a few examples that the basic cliche, "Alles Leben ist Leiden", or the "stranded" philosopher, which all life portrayed as a single word, is one of the world's most recognized and important pessimists. Pessimism manifests itself to a great extent, especially in the twentieth century. Some of the names that pessimism affects are Émile Michel Cioran, Ulrich Horstmann, Ludwig Marcuse, Theodor Heuss.

What does the pessimist mean in the dictionary?
1. Pessimistic, pessimistic, bedbane.
2. Anti-Ooptimist.
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