what is perma?

What is Perma?
Perma is the name given to the process of applying a hair perm to a certain length of time (usually 8-15 minutes) by wrapping the hair, taking a permanent wave of hair for 2-5 months, making the hair rough or curly. English comes from permanent. Perma treatment, which has been in practice since the end of the 1800s, is a process that women of black women prefer to have a smooth and flat hair, with a preference for women with straight hair or unshaped hair.


A completely chemical process, perm is a newly worn and squeezed hair so that the perm medicine injected to penetrate into every wire will be curled and kept so that the hair is curled. If the perm is bad, the hair is weak and breaks with time. Perma treatment can be applied to thin or thick hair types or even to dyed hair, at the right amount and with the right permanent care.

You can adjust the size of your Peruvian guards. If you want big and natural ripples, you want bigger and bigger, you want smaller and more frequent ripples. The application of perm, which is the exact opposite of Brazil, is also the savior of women in the summer months, such as the Brazilian festival.

It is important that there is as little contact with the head skin as possible. It is important to remember that modern permalizers are a chemical substance, although they are prepared by paying attention to skin sensitivity. In order not to show an allergic reaction, it is advised that you first try the drug in a small area.

What are Perma's Losses?
- Your hair may break or burn.

-Performing a long-term change, you can be bored.

-Perma can cause allergies, itching, and / or burning.

-You have to do extra care after your hair.

-Perma can not keep it in your hair.

-The crowns may not always be what you want, they can be electrically powered.

-You can pour your hair because of the permanent cut.

-The mouth of the mouth is open and defenseless, so it can get germs.

-The desired result may not be obtained unless it is done by a specialist.

-They can not stand the wind and break.
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